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New Ram doesn’t work

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So I got new ram from Amazon since I only had 4gb of DDR3 on my pc. I got two sticks of 8gb DDR3 ram. When I installed both ram sticks in the slot the pc didn’t boot, when I tried one of the old sticks and one of the new it didn’t boot aswell. But when I had both old it booted fine. Basically anytime the new sticks were involved it didn’t boot. Idk how I would fix this issue. The little bit more info I can give is when it tries to boot it’s just does two beeps over and over. I think the motherboard is a generic hp motherboard but idk really.
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I think the motherboard is a generic hp motherboard but idk really
You need to find out the exact motherboard.
If you do not know what motherboard is installed, how can you find compatible ram??? Just because you have ddr3 does NOT mean the motherboard supports all ddr3 ram.
The other one is Asus and this one is "generic hp" ... Per the provided information.
The comments are very similar, and "HP" was included in the module description, so I wondered if it was the same person.
Your best option is to take the computer here
and click Scan my computer.

This gives you the exact specs of the RAM you need. There are so many variables. Get one wrong and the RAM won't work.

You don't have to buy from crucial, just write down all the information you are given.
your Asus PC uses the Asus P8H61-M Pro motherboard if you open the case you can clearly see the model affixed on the PCB near the primary PCIe slot. It's likely that the "HP OEM" branded memory you got was not fully compatible could have been timings or voltage etc. The above advice about using is sound.
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