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Running win98 oem

Not sure what happened...maybe kids loaded/unloaded i boot up this appears:

FC:Insufficient number of filespecs :eek:
[box pops up on desktop-black]

what is this? how do i correct this prob?

all input greatly accepted & appreciated


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Do you know when this happened for sure?

If so you could try going to DOS and run scanreg /restore.

M$ recommends running file checker first (if you can get to it).

This is the rest of what they have to say
Replacing your registry with the backup copy

Your system always keeps a backup copy of your registry configuration (including user account information, protocol bindings, software program settings, and user preferences). You can use the backup copy if your current registry encounters a problem. Each time you restart your computer, Registry Checker automatically scans your registry. If Registry Checker notices a problem, it automatically replaces the registry with the backup copy.

to start Registry Checker.


You can also start Registry Checker by clicking Start, pointing to Programs, pointing to Accessories, pointing to System Tools, clicking System Information, and on the Tools menu, clicking Registry Checker.
If your registry contains an entry referencing a file that no longer exists (such as a .vxd file), it will not be fixed by Registry Checker.
Just pick a date prior to the problem to restore to.

I just noticed it doesn't give good advice on the actual scanreg.exe /restore :rolleyes:
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