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New power supply recommendations

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I have confirmed, my HP Pavillion desktop PSU is dead. My dead motherboard Dell desktop has a good PSU.
I was able to set up the Dell PSU into the HP enclosure, but of course, the power plugs to the HD were different. The HP are the 4 big pin type, and the Dell were the flatter 4 contact types.But, the HP did fire up.
When if I fix this the HP will be "Off net" as a game/ data storage unit.Also, I like the movie maker in it.
What would be a usable PSU to buy, which will interface with the big 4 pin power plugs in the HP ?
Pictures and P/N s available, if anyone needs specifics.
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Search for power supply units specific to your HP Pavilion model.

I replaced a power supply in an HP Pavilion (new in 2000) quite a few years ago.(Since the HP has been e-cycled, I don't have the paperwork for the company I bought the power supply from.) The power supply fit perfectly.
Thanks Liz,
Further viewing on The net (You Tube how to vids) gave me the name of the connectors (Molex) SO I know any 300 or so watt PSU (original is 250)with those type of connectors will do the trick. Some aftermarket PSU s seem to come with adapters to go from the flat connector to molex, but I figure the fewer mechanical connections, the better. My XP box is about that vintage as well.
Can you post a pic of the 'flatter Dell 4 pin types' ? If there adapters to convert them to Molex why buy another PSU ?
Allan, here are the images

Both of these were plugged into the hard drive.
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The top picture is a Sata data cable, the 2nd is a Sata power cable and the adapter you need is this type :-

Make sure the Molex end will fit, there are male and female versions.
So the Dell power supply unit fits in the HP?

Both Dell and HP used to make proprietary power supply units.
Liz, the psu itself fit, seems to be a standard "size". I bought The HP Desktop in 2004.
Allan, I will look to see what is on the XP HD, might be the female, seems like the male fits into hollow pins on the XP hd. Cable adapters were sort of what I was thinking I would have to do. Fortunately, there seems to be only 1 way to reconnect.
If it's an old style IDE hard drive you will need a Sata 15 pin male power to Molex female cable like these :-

Please ignore my link in post #7 - it's not the correct cable !
Allan, that's what I was thinking.I was going to post images of the HP innards, and compare that with the conversions from the Vista cable ends.
The connectors with P3 and P4 written on them are Sata female 15 pin power connectors (from the PSU I assume, yes ?) so the adapter needs a Sata male 15 pin connector at that end, the other end has to fit the hard drive so a picture of the 4 pin connector on your hard drive would confirm it needs to be a female Molex 4 pin (which would be correct for a standard IDE 3.5" hard drive).
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Seems like the Molex connection is for the CD/DVD drive.I have hooked the other cable up, and something should work,unless it requires a CD/DVD drive in the "circuit"
Nope. high speed beeeps, will Google what those are. Fans did run though.
Fixed, and functional. Bad memory stick, I have 3 gigs in, can take one from the dead Vista.I declare this"fixed.
I'm glad you got it fixed.

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