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New PC in the making, please have a look and opinion it.

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Hello everyone,

I've saved up some of that well earned money and decided to purchase a new computer.
So I compiled my very own 'supercomputer' list :D and I need some feedback on it.
I work a lot with computers, but i'm not very techy about them, so I'd like to know if all part are well suited/compatible/... you know.

Main purpose is some gaming (Guildwars, C&C), coding and general desktop work.
Yea it's some overkill but like I said, I've saved up and like to give myself a treat.

Anyway, here is the list :


Asus nVidia GeForce EN7900GT TOP PCI-E 256Mb HDTV Dual DVI
== My preference==

GRAKA alternatives :

Asus nVidia GeForce EN7900GTX PCI-E 512Mb HDTV Dual DVI
Model EN7900GTX/2DHT/512M
Clock Core 650MHz - Mem Core 1.6GHz

Asus nVidia GeForce EN7950GT PCI-E 512Mb HDTV Dual DVI
Model EN7950GT/HTDP/512M
Clock Core 550MHz - Mem Core 1.4GHz
== My preference==

Asus nVidia GeForce EN7950GX2 PCI-E 1GB HDTV Dual DVI
Model EN7950GX2/2PHT/1G

Asus nVidia GeForce EN8800GTS PCI-E 640Mb HDTV Dual DVI
Model EN8800GTS/HTDP/640M
Clock Core 500MHz - Mem Core 1.6GHz
(495,00 loveno) = W VISTA dx10 ready

Asus nVidia GeForce EN8800GTX PCI-E 768Mb HDTV Dual DVI
Model EN8800GTX/HTDP/768M
Clock Core 575MHz - Mem Core 1.8GHz
(645,00 loveno) = W VISTA dx10 ready


CoolerMaster Stacker 830 Black Aluminium
(169,00 loveno)


CoolerMaster Mystique 632 Black No PSU
(130,00 loveno)


Antec NSK6500 Midi Tower 430W ATX
(118,00 loveno)
== My preference==

Alternative cooling:

Antec NeoHE 550 High Efficiency 550W PSU

3- CD / DVD players:

Lite On SHM-165P6S DVD±RW Super Allwrite bulk black
(36,00 loveno)


Lite On SOHD-16P9S DVD 16/48 bulk black
(niet op loveno)

4- CPU:

AMD Athlon64 5000+ X2 Dual Core AM2 1Mb Boxed
(niet op loveno)
== My preference==


AMD Athlon64 4600+ X2 Dual Core S939 Boxed
Dual Core Processor Socket 939 Boxed with cooler
(285,00 loveno)

Alternative cpu cooler:

Zalman CNPS9500 AM2
High end ultra silent cooler AMD AM2/S754/S939/S940
(55,00 loveno)
== My preference==

5- MISC:

Apacer Embedded Card Reader 15-in-1 USB2.0 Black
(22,00 loveno)


WD Caviar SE16 WD4000KS SATA 400 GB, 300 MB/s, 16 MB Cache, 7200 RPM


Logitech G5 Laser Mouse
(68,00 loveno),CRID=2142,CONTENTID=10715


Sony FDD 1.44 Mb black front


Asus M2N32-SLI Deluxe WiFi AM2 nForce 590 SLI MCP PCI-E DDR2 ATX
(niet op loveno)

10- MEM:

2x KingMax TinyBGA DDR2 1024MB PC6400 800MHz
(134,00 stuk loveno)


Kingston HyperX Dual Channel DDR2 2x 1Gb PC6400 CL5
(399,00 loveno)
== My preference==


BenQ FP202W 20 inch TFT Silver/Black
(408,00 loveno)
== My preference==


Samsung SyncMaster 205BW 20 inch wide TFT 6ms Silver/Black
(355,00 loveno)


from old PC


BenQ X800 keyboard


Sennheiser PC140 Headset with Microphone
(45,00 loveno)


Logitech Precision Gaming Headset 980231-0914
(32,00 loveno),CRID=103,CONTENTID=9523

MS Windows XP Home Edition NL SP2
(286,00 loveno)
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Nice rig. The first thing I noticed other than the vid card was only one HD. In your description you said, "No. 6) HARD DRIVES" but you only list it as one. For that machine I would consider two drives even if due to cost you go with two smaller drives. One for backups and storage and one for the main OS and apps. I run two SATAs and use the first partition on drive 2 for the page/swap file. The rest is storage and some game installations. Just a thought.
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