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New PC in the making, please have a look and opinion it.

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Hello everyone,

I've saved up some of that well earned money and decided to purchase a new computer.
So I compiled my very own 'supercomputer' list :D and I need some feedback on it.
I work a lot with computers, but i'm not very techy about them, so I'd like to know if all part are well suited/compatible/... you know.

Main purpose is some gaming (Guildwars, C&C), coding and general desktop work.
Yea it's some overkill but like I said, I've saved up and like to give myself a treat.

Anyway, here is the list :


Asus nVidia GeForce EN7900GT TOP PCI-E 256Mb HDTV Dual DVI
== My preference==

GRAKA alternatives :

Asus nVidia GeForce EN7900GTX PCI-E 512Mb HDTV Dual DVI
Model EN7900GTX/2DHT/512M
Clock Core 650MHz - Mem Core 1.6GHz

Asus nVidia GeForce EN7950GT PCI-E 512Mb HDTV Dual DVI
Model EN7950GT/HTDP/512M
Clock Core 550MHz - Mem Core 1.4GHz
== My preference==

Asus nVidia GeForce EN7950GX2 PCI-E 1GB HDTV Dual DVI
Model EN7950GX2/2PHT/1G

Asus nVidia GeForce EN8800GTS PCI-E 640Mb HDTV Dual DVI
Model EN8800GTS/HTDP/640M
Clock Core 500MHz - Mem Core 1.6GHz
(495,00 loveno) = W VISTA dx10 ready

Asus nVidia GeForce EN8800GTX PCI-E 768Mb HDTV Dual DVI
Model EN8800GTX/HTDP/768M
Clock Core 575MHz - Mem Core 1.8GHz
(645,00 loveno) = W VISTA dx10 ready


CoolerMaster Stacker 830 Black Aluminium
(169,00 loveno)


CoolerMaster Mystique 632 Black No PSU
(130,00 loveno)


Antec NSK6500 Midi Tower 430W ATX
(118,00 loveno)
== My preference==

Alternative cooling:

Antec NeoHE 550 High Efficiency 550W PSU

3- CD / DVD players:

Lite On SHM-165P6S DVD±RW Super Allwrite bulk black
(36,00 loveno)


Lite On SOHD-16P9S DVD 16/48 bulk black
(niet op loveno)

4- CPU:

AMD Athlon64 5000+ X2 Dual Core AM2 1Mb Boxed
(niet op loveno)
== My preference==


AMD Athlon64 4600+ X2 Dual Core S939 Boxed
Dual Core Processor Socket 939 Boxed with cooler
(285,00 loveno)

Alternative cpu cooler:

Zalman CNPS9500 AM2
High end ultra silent cooler AMD AM2/S754/S939/S940
(55,00 loveno)
== My preference==

5- MISC:

Apacer Embedded Card Reader 15-in-1 USB2.0 Black
(22,00 loveno)


WD Caviar SE16 WD4000KS SATA 400 GB, 300 MB/s, 16 MB Cache, 7200 RPM


Logitech G5 Laser Mouse
(68,00 loveno),CRID=2142,CONTENTID=10715


Sony FDD 1.44 Mb black front


Asus M2N32-SLI Deluxe WiFi AM2 nForce 590 SLI MCP PCI-E DDR2 ATX
(niet op loveno)

10- MEM:

2x KingMax TinyBGA DDR2 1024MB PC6400 800MHz
(134,00 stuk loveno)


Kingston HyperX Dual Channel DDR2 2x 1Gb PC6400 CL5
(399,00 loveno)
== My preference==


BenQ FP202W 20 inch TFT Silver/Black
(408,00 loveno)
== My preference==


Samsung SyncMaster 205BW 20 inch wide TFT 6ms Silver/Black
(355,00 loveno)


from old PC


BenQ X800 keyboard


Sennheiser PC140 Headset with Microphone
(45,00 loveno)


Logitech Precision Gaming Headset 980231-0914
(32,00 loveno),CRID=103,CONTENTID=9523

MS Windows XP Home Edition NL SP2
(286,00 loveno)
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Since you have the budget, get the GeForce 8800 hands down. The new games coming out like UT2007 is already hurting the geForce7 cards badly.

1 - Video Cards = Any 8800 card (If ya got $600 get the GTX)

2 - You selected an Antec case, which is a cheap version of the Solo($90 no PSU - choose the Solo instead - it a lot better inside and out. (Metal front, not painted plastic)

3 - Buy a Pioneer, SONY or other major brand DVD burner - they are only $50~60.

4 - CPU : For the money since its in your budget - get the Core2Duo 6600. I prefer AMD over intel for both personal and professional reasons. But I'd build ya a Core2.

7 - Look at the Revolution mouse by Logitec.

8 - Floppy drive? Buy a USB flash key. ($20 = 1GB)

11 - Samsung LCD

12 - Soundblaster? Which one? Many Onboard audio setups are better than some soundblasters.
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ZotteStef - No Problem...

I'd say go with NewEgg for many purchases... check local, some good deals here and there.

1 - About the CASE: I recommend you check some out at some local stores. Sometimes PICS don't do it justice. Like those 2 Antec cases are a bit hard to tell from first glance - When Antec made the P180 - it was a great design, but for people like me who DON'T like a cover over the front of the system, they soon made the P150/Solo (P150 includes a very good 430watt NEO PSU and its in a white-WHITE case instead of black). - I bought the P150. It'll hold 4 HDs and 3-4 Optical drives... even a floppyjust built a SOlo with a SONY Floppy drive.

Check out THIS old link I keep handy with various caes. Go to the LAST post on this page:

2 - LiteOn is fine. Even my current DVD burner is an even less known no-name brand (It was $50 vs $100 Pioneer/Sonys etc) - but prices are down cheap. My Lite-On keyboard is almost 10 years old... better built than most of todays crap.

3 - CPUs: For avg user, save $50~150 by going with AMD over a Core2 or P4/PentiumD systems. Especially in the sub $1000 pre-built price range where standard low-cost RAM is used. AMD is a bit slower than a Core2 : The AMD X2 5000 is a bit slower than the Core2 6600.

Quake 4 in 1600x1200 with GF 8800GTX
Core2 6600 = 156fps = about 10% faster than AMD.
AMD 5000+ = 140fps (okay not noticable, but get the 90nm size version)
AMD 5000+ = 134fps (The new 65nm version is even slower)
AMD 4600+ = 130fps

Oblivion 1600x1200 (This is about a 25% difference)
Core2 6600 = 107fps
AMD 5000+ = 82fps
AMD 4600+ = 77fps

Core2 6600 CPU = $270~320. AMD 5000 = $250~300 CPU.

I personally would likely still go with AMD, still a bit cheaper with Mobo as well, and I'm not going to make a big deal over 10fps with a game running over 90fps.

Gotta warn some folks who think ALL intel is the same and because Core2 is faster, a typical person may think that ALL Intel = faster than ALL AMDs. :(

Check out pricing with

4 - logitech mouse. Wireless is supposed to be a lot better now (for gaming) - but I too bought a wired mouse... (Saved $8) At the time I had a GF with a toddler living with me. But I have a wireless as well that works great too.

5 - floppy, make sure you tell bios not to boot with it.

6 - The BenQ looks cool. They have some interesting designs. Check out this one in the store: Otherwise, lately - Samsung is catering a bit more towards the LOWer end market for $$$. BTW, they sell so many types of monitors, they can't keep up with them on their own website! ;)

7 - Still don't know about an SB Audigy4 vs todays onboard Nforce boards which support 7.1 audio. I haven't had an Audio card since my SB-Live! The Audigy2 I have is defective and CL never got around to properly replacing it. For a Dream PC, I'd get an X-Fi card ($100~300) - Look at the Exteme Gamer or Fatility version...

8 - That BenQ keyboard... I saw it about 3+ years ago, I was trying to put it with a PC I designed... :( its very cool looking.

PS: When looking at mobo, look into Asus, MSI and Gigabyte.

PS2: Go with SATA drives... with Windows SP2, it already knows how to talk to SATA controller without a floppy. RAID, is another matter. And I used external HD for backup.
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I can understand the 10,000RPM Raptor for the OS and applications.

But for the data & games - its not going to be that huge of a difference.

Spend ($110) USD on each 320GB drives:

150gb is kinda... small.

550watt PSU is fine for single video card use.

I'd still take the Pioneer or NEC over the LiteON DVD drive - they cost the price.
PS: I forgot to say

Use the on-board network adaptor. You could always ADD one later if it blows up... I did that on a clients PC last month. It simply died - so I disabled it and popped in a new $20 card.
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