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New PC Build: Opinions Wanted

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Good afternoon, TSG:

I was hoping for some final thoughts on my new PC build. This will be my second (personal) build, since I modded out a dinosaur in high school, and wanted some brutally honest opinions on the hardware I picked out so far.

This PC is basically being built for powerful video editing and high-resolution+high-fps gaming. More-so for gaming, but I do play with heavy music video editing projects from time to time. I tried to pick out some more current technology, to stay up-to-date, while also ensuring compatibility and making sure the build is basically future-proof for the next 5 or so years.

I'm trying to stay around $1600, but I will modify my selections based on the best feedback (within reason). I currently have a G73JW, purchased in 2010, and I'm starting to think it's time for an upgrade. However, I'm not fully convinced about my decision yet. Hopefully you all can help me.

Thanks in advance for everyone's help.
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I would really go with this hsf;
Cheaper AND it does a great job. In addition, the cfm is almost double ie it moves a lot more air. I have three systems here with that exact hsf.
Other than that, looks like a decent choice of parts.
Ops. Just saw something else. No ssd? A ssd drive is the single biggest boost to performance you can give to a system. I would get the WD drive and include a ssd for the os and programs. Store data, backups, etc on the WD.
Oops, I keep forgetting to warn everyone that for any components that are missing, I probably already have. I already have a few SSD's to play with, as well as other miscellaneous peripherals and etc.

I've had the Hyper 212 EVO on my Wish List for a long time now, but I saw the CRYORIG H7 and fell for it because it matched my PC's aesthetics and had good reviews on NewEgg. I'm not sure if it's worth the looks compared to the EVO.

Also, I'm stuck between the 980Ti and the 980. I know the Ti has slightly better benchmarks, but its a whopping $200 more than the 980. If the naked eye does not recognize the performance differences, between the 980ti/980, I will choose the lower priced option. If the 980ti has qualities, that will future-proof me way more than the 980, I will go with the higher priced option.
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Go with the coolermaster. If you check the specs, it moves almost double the volume of air. When just doing normal stuff ie office, etc, the coolermast is just about silent. When gaming, you can hear it however it is still pretty quiet. As for the video card, I will let someone who plays a lot of games advise you.
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