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New Mining Rig Unresponsive

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trying to build my first mining rig, have mostly tried everything as far as swapping plugs, checking for damage, buying new hardware ( psu//mobo ). completely stuck, my issue is i’m getting no response from my mobo. fans don’t spin, not even one gpu connected works, and also get no display on a monitor. also i have a power switch button with an led light that works, so it has to be getting power right? but when i click it nothing happens.. help please <33

- tb 360-btc pro ver6.0
- intel celeron G4900 LLGA1151 300 series
- agk 850w gold psu
- patriot (2 x 4g) ddr4 2400 MHz
- 4 gigabyte gtx 1660 super
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What I'd do is take it back down to bare bones out on a table. Nothing but
  • motherboard (on a non-conductive surface)
  • CPU (w/heatsink & fan)
  • RAM
  • PSU
  • video (including monitor)
  • keyboard and mouse

Now see if it will boot into the BIOS/UEFI. If not, try a different PSU and/or RAM. Once you do get into the BIOS/UEFI reset it to factory defaults.

If it's bootable now, try running an Operating System (*nix) from a bootable USB flash drive. Exercise it some (web) and then leave it running overnight.

If it's still where you left it the night before, power down, hook up your drive with Windows on it and try the same, (exercise it, web, games, whatever), and leave it running overnight.

If it's fine the next morning, power down and reassemble everything back in the case. As you continue beyond the bare minimum though, only add one or two pieces of hardware at a time and then test to make sure what was added isn't causing problems. You get the idea ...
That is a complicated board, do you just have one power supply hooked up and is the 24 pin plugged into ATXPRW1? there are 2-24pin sockets See picture


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Do you have the power button plugged in to the two black pins 15 and sixteen? see picture!


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