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New Graphics card not working...:(

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Hello. I was very excited to upgrade my computers graphics card, specifically the Radeon Rx 590 (sapphire pulse). Of course, it doesn't work. Here are the specs:, running windows 10. The problem? No signal to the display. I get a beep code, which is linked below. It doesn't repeat, and after looking online I still can't figure out what it means. I've already narrowed down some problems. I bought a better power supply (500 watts, Thermaltake), still same problem. Nothing is broken, as it runs fine with my old graphics card. I will note that the cd drive is broken, and I have removed it. The new card fits in fine, and is properly connected to power. There are no integrated graphics. What's wrong? Is my motherboard locked from a new graphics card? Or is it too old? I haven't broken the graphics card, but maybe it broke in shipping? The fans turn on, so I dont think thats the problem.
Please help, I have literally no idea what is up.
If you've read this far, thanks.


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Do you have a uefi bios OR a legacy bios?
IF you are sure the video card in fact works ie you have tested it in another system and it does work, then update the motherboard bios to the latest one. Then attempt to install the video card.

Here is how to properly install a new video card;
1 Old card still installed, go to the relevant support page ie amd or nvidia. Download the latest driver. Do not attempt to use a driver on a support CD; it is almost always out of date
2 Old card still installed, uninstall ALL software based on the old card ie driver, any monitoring software, any suite, etc. Do not reboot when prompted; just tell it later
3 Shutdown and install the card. Make any pw connections as necessary
4 Pw ON and install the driver you downloaded in step #1. Now reboot when prompted

Just for info. Attempting to upgrade a big box system ie dell, hp, whatever is very often an exercise in futility. Dell has no vested interest in you upgrading your system; they would much rather sell you a new system.
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Got it. Turns out BIOS was from 2013. After update it worked without a problem. First time working on a PC. I really appreciate the help,
You are welcome.
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