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new graphics card causes PC to shut down

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I bought a new graphics card. (The old one which fitted into the AGP slot could only get 16 colors)

Anyhow, the new PCI graphics card was slotted into today and I booted up the system (and crossed my fingers)...and sure enough the screen is just black...and to top it all the system just shuts down by itself after two minutes....

I have followed all the instructions that came with it...please help!

system = win 98
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Still learning and Zeddy thanks for replying...

I checked the BIOS and the dam thing (AWARD BIOS) on gives indicated one thing under Video (its just says ATI Graphics) I have tried arrow keys etc....
but the option to change from AGP to PCI is just not there....

This is so annoying because I've checked this with another PC and the option
is clearly indicated to change from AGP to PCI...

Any other suggestions....?
Story so far...I uninstalled the drivers took the PCI and old AGP graphics card out.... I got a new AGP card put it in and installed the drivers...It works but the problem is still there.

I can now get 256 colors but pictures in IE and photos stored on the system
still look grainy...

Does anyone have any suggestions.
Rusty...I've tried both...does not make a difference.
Finally got it solved. The pictures are no longer grainy.

Solved by going to Control Panel>Display>Advanced and changing the
"dpi" settings from 100 to 96 (meant to be optimum for some reason)

Thanks to all you have responded to this thread!
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