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New Dude on the Board

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Hi, I just found your board and thought I'd say Hello. I work in the IT field and might be of some use here.

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Welcome to TSG...

Savvy :)
Welcome to the board!

The more expertise, the better it is, as far if I'm concerned!

Hi Randy48, welcome from me as well....

Just one tip for ya, though, try not to hang out too much in this random section of never-never land....these folks here can drive ya crazy!!!! :)

They hang out here all day, and we have to do all the work, lol! :D
Hi Randy48,

Welcome, You will truly enjoy this site

Hi Randy48,

Welcome to TSG, listen to Aca Candy, she cracks a mean whip!!!;)


OMG another duck great!!!!!!!:D

Dark Star,

Not as comical as yours, Daffys always been a favorite of mine

Forget trying. Even if your real quiet........the duck still wont go away.

Welcome. :)

Now go to work. :D
Hi Randy

welcome on board.

From one Randy to another . . . Welcome!!

heed the words of the Acapulco chick, as well as the duck! Stay away from Random Discussions, unless you want to be dragged down to our level!

BTW, I lived in Cape Girardeau for a year, and attended SEMO for a semester. That was all before the Air Force and world travel, though. Anywhere nearby?
Stay away from Random Discussions, unless you want to be dragged down to our level!
Welcome Randy. Don't let the rest scare you. This site is addicting but we have fun and as a side note we learn too.:D
Thanks all for the great welcome :)

RandyG I live outside the front gate to Fort Leonard Wood. I bought a house here a year before I retired from the army and 20 years worth of "world travel" :D

I've noticed something about your guys don't have a Distributed Computing team :eek:

I'd like to invite you over to ExtremeDC to learn a little more about Distributed Computing. We've got a small but strong team, competing in six different projects, ECCp-109 (Encryption), Seti (Search for Extraterstrial Intelligence), RC5 (Encryption), Genome (Gene folding), Folding (Protein folding), and Think (Cancer research). The projects are scientific and/or medical in nature run by major universities. They are a lot of fun competing against other teams and several of the contests offer cash prizes to the person who's computer finds the secret code.

I'd like to invite you to join our team if you're interested and try it out. And I'm going to let my team mates know about your site and I'm sure some of them will stop by and add to the quality of your community!


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Welcome from me as well!

Always good to have another Randy! :)

(I'm one, too, but you can't tell from my cleverly disguised real name's not Artie!)

I ran [email protected] for a long while on my older, now defunked comp, I considered the gene folding, and I've heard of the protein folding but THAT was like

way over my head. Wasn't aware of the cancer or encryption deals, I'll check it out, as long as you're not trying to sell something! ;)

To be contrary, I think you should spend your first couple of hours in Random Discussion, there are so many savvy folks here - you may not be able to get in a good word edgewise in the help forums! ;)

You'll also discover that this site has a sense of community like no other...the sheer collective knowledge here is astounding, though the scales must invariably lean toward some members more than others (I'm on the lean side) - and you will be delighted to meet them all.

The moderators are the cream of the crop, and everyone enjoys (if they aren't obsessed with :) ) the opportunity to aide others, generally in in a manner which doesn't intimidate the inexperienced, nor patronize the accomplished.

SO, wanna take a ride? :)
Again welcome, Randy48
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I've been away from "tech sites' for a few months. I was a regular at Sysopt for over a year, then a change in ownership/management and the place changed dramaticly over night. I went over to TechIMO with the rest of the crowd, but it wasn't "home" like Sysopt was. That's when I jumped in "head-first" without a helmet into the "site ownership thing and built a site for my addiction...Distributed Computing. A few of my team mates followed and we also recruited a few more.

It feels pretty good to be here :) I've really missed trying to help other users! I've tried to help a few here already, hopefully I'll be accepted and become a "regular" around here;)

Welcome to the board and don't forget a picture.
Others and I like playing with peoples pictues.:D :D
Oh-oh, watch out Randy...... hewee already turned me into an alien ;)
Welcome Randy to Tech Guy! Hope you're ready for some good fun .... Don't believe what you have read .... the true "support" at this site all happens at this Random Forum!:eek:

Enjoy yourself!
Randy48 - Acceptance is easy here . . . try to help! You don't need to be a guru, or an Einstein, but you do need to help. Once you do that, even if it is only to post a comment relevant to the thread you are in while trolling Random Discussions, then you will be a regular and welcome!

RT - I did not know you were a Randy!
Welcome to TSG. Good to hear from somebody in your part of the Country. About 15 years ago I was sent to UMR for some classes in coatings analysis by the Dept. of the Army when I was a civilian employee. Now I take the family there whenever I can. Even spent my honeymoon in Rolla.

Agree w/ your views on Sysopt.

Is the Engineering School still at Fort Leonard Wood?

PS - Speaking of SETI, my wife and daughter(s) are from another planet, so it appears they have found us!

(DS sent me here and I did not want to disappoint him!)

Welcome to TSG, Randy.

Its a great place here, though I hardly come into the Random part myself. Just now and then.

Everyone gets on with everyone here, and the Mods are great people, as is Mike (the owner).

See Ya

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