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New Computer will not POST

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Just put together a new computer. When turned on, the computer will power up and all things will seem to work fine (all fans are spinning, etc), but no bios. Anyone have any ideas?
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G'day Ardfoe8, revert to a mimimal setup, remove all the IDE's and superflous cards apart from the basic video, memory, and processor.
Ensure all power connectors are made and if it uses the second power small connector ensure it is fitted. (Big trap)
This should allow you to sort yourself out and what you have done wrong.
Cheers, qldit.
Thanks Ql, but it did nothing. I tried resetting the cmos as well, did nothing.

The thing that is strange to me is that there are no error beeps or noises. When I then swapped the memory into a different slot (to test if that might have been why the pc won't post), it promptly gave me a beeping error, telling me that the speaker worked. Of course, I put it back where it was supposed to. The other thing is that I have this thing installed that has leds which potentially will tell me if something is wrong...but the led signal equates to no errors.

Everything seems to be in powers up perfectly, all the led's and fans are working like they should...just no bios post.

Could it be a fried mobo? I sure hope not...that would be a tremendous dissapointment. Though since it powers up alright it seems like that may not be the case, though I'm no expert.

If anyone has any other tips, I'd really appreciate it.
G'day ardfoe8, that is a nuisance, in that you have changed the memory position and it beeped would appear to indicate you are close to working, all the fans operating also support this.
What is the video system is it on board or a card, can you try it with a simple pci video card if you are using an upmarket one.
Keep the minimal system until you get it to post, and video on your monitor.
Do not touch anything or replace any cards unless the power lead is removed from the machine.
Make sure all drives are discon from power.
Are you using a new case and power supply, if so what is the power supply wattage?
Under normal circumstances you should get some monitor activity and led condition change if the power, processor, memory and video are good. Hopefully with one short beep.
So one of those items has a problem, (including the motherboard) so you need to evaluate by interchanging one at a time.
In that you got a beep it is likely that your processor is OK. I imagine you have properly fitted the processor with a heat transfer substance of some kind.
If it was a heat transfer patch do not play removing the thing they are really only good for one use.
Low voltage can have odd effects and cause confusion.
Memory can also kill the thing, under no circumstances plug any memory in the mother board while live power is connected.
You may need to carefully try items in another machine but use absolute caution.
Usually what happens is that people unplug video cards while the power plug is in, without realising that the sockets are powered anytime, this commonly kills video cards, and often takes out mother boards.
So you will have to coax the thing into life, I usually start with a simple PCI video card and once the thing is operating satisfactorily introduce the more complicated upmarket video card, it really pays to do this and saves time also, avoiding odd problems.
Double check all the pinout connections on the corner of the board, hddled and all those, ensure that are all connected to the correct terminals and around the right way, coloured wires usually are the plusses. Incorrect connections can stop operation, sometimes the board markings are wrong, use your manual to confirm.
Cheers, qldit.
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when i have done my builds, i get to the point where its just case/psu, mobo/cpu/ram, hsf installed of course, plug them in and they post, 1 beep, with no video card in yet. this is with mobos with no onbord gfx. I think this will only work before your bios has ever seen a gfx card installed, otherwise i would think you would get a beep code indicationg no graphics, which in your case would still be better than nothing, long story short, try w/o gfx card.
Ok, I took the graphics card out and I got a beep. Is that good?

I'm gonna try it with a different video card.
I tried it with a different graphics card and it works, posting and all.

It must've been my video card.

Eek...hopefull my warrantee will cover it, it wasn't a cheap card.

EDIT: Wait a second- my card is an Nvidia 6800gt AGP version...does it need to be connected to the PSU at all? Or does it get all its power from the agp slot? Maybe I forgot to hook it up to the psu...
That card should have a molex type connector. It MUST be plugged in for it to work. In addition you will need a QUALITY ps for that card.
Aha, well that was my problem. Whoops :p.

Everything is working fine now, thanks for all the help.

By the way, I've got a 500W PSU, it's a good one too.

Thanks again.
Go to the top of the class Ardfoe, Crjdriver gets another notch in his laser cannon, maybe a tall building might stop him!!
I am gradually learning here, I have no idea how he remembers all this stuff!!
Another well done to all, Cheers qldit.
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