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New build beeping and restarted

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So I recently just built my first pc. And everything seemed all good until I tried to turn in on and I got no signal from my tv screen that I'm using as a monitor. I then noticed that the sytem was staying on for about 10-12 seconds, fans running leds on and everything, however then it would power down and restart. I decided to plug in the speaker to further trouble shoot and realized that it would beep 5 times with a pause in between and then restart and repeat. I looked up the beep codes on the manual and found out that 5 short beeps would be the cpu however long continuos beeps mean its the ram and I have come to realize that the ram is indeed imcompatible with the board. I'm assuming it would be continuos beeps without the restart. I'm wanting to post here though just to see if anyone here might be able to identify another issue if there is an obvious one. Ive listed my parts list below:

CPU: Intel G4600
GPU: Gigabyte 1050 G1 gaming 2 gb
Mobo: Gigabyte H110M-A
Hard Drive: Western Digital 320 gb
Ram: Crucial Ballisitix 8gb ddr4 2666 (Realized not compatible)
PSU: Evga 400w
Case: Rosewill Ranger m

And one last thing I realize that the board may need a bios update. However I emailed gigabyte and they reassured me that most boards if not all have already had an update out of the box by this time.

So if anyone can identify another issue or can just reassure me its just the ram it would be greatly appreciated!
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Did you fit the 6-pin power connector onto the Graphics card ?
Why do you believe the Ram is incompatible ?
The Bios version may be on the motherboard box or on the board itself.
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