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networking XP

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I had my two computers networked. Both using XP. Internet sharing is working but now second PC cannot access files on the host. Freezes up. Must restart.
Ran the wizard set up on both. Ran network diaganostics and are said to be okay. Any suggestions?
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What version of XP do you have? Not sure you can network the home edition....maybe I am thinking of domain networking.
XP home Edition
It was working fine until we loaded Microsoft Publisher. Can that change anything?
Did you try to install one copy of XP on two computers? If you did that is more than likely your problem. WIth the new activation you can only install it on one PC per copy of the OS. The activation will become disabled once the mothership finds it has an unlicensed copy on one PC.
I have two separate activations. The AMD( host) computer can see files on the Micron, but the Micron freezes when I attempt to look at files on the AMD. Both connect to internet fine.
Reinstalled XP. Ran Networking wizard several times. No change.
Have you disabled the built-in so-called "firewall'?

I had a similar problem with one of my clients and as soon as I disabled that it worked correctly.
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