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Networking to a garden shed

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My neighbour has just built a garden shed and wishes to setup a pc with internet in the shed. My obvious suggestion was wireless however they already have this but do not pick it up down in the shed (approx 30m from the house). Therefore i think the best setup would be to run an ethernet cable from the wireless router to the pc - is this the best way?

I was looking at just buying a 30m crossover cable, will this work?
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if they have a wireless router you wont need a cross over cable

Not qualified to give advice on network cable outside - leave that to someone else.....
but dont use a cross over - a normal straight cable should be OK from PC to Router

I suggest you try the cable and get it working in the house before you lay the cable
then you know it all works before you start...

How are you going to lay the cable
you should get 30M OK - I have a 20M cable with noproblem - just looked at website - they have 30M there

Make sure you get a cable thats terminated with the plugs - the link looks just like a cable - however, looking at spec - it does say gold connectors

Product Description Belkin patch cable - 30 m
Type Patch cable
Features Moulded, snagless, gold-plated connectors
Length 30 m
Connector(s) 1 x RJ-45 - male
Connector(s) (Other Side) 1 x RJ-45 - male
Compliant Standards EIA/TIA-568B Category 5e
Colour White
Manufacturer Warranty Limited lifetime warranty
very good price - you pay about £1 a M in the UK at a local computer shop..

a decent compute rstore may even make you one up

i would avoid any joins if you can
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