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Installing AOL dsl onto the network?

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hi my name is tom...i was going through the members section i saw the add about how u shared AOL dsl connection.. i configured the network and it's is working , using a LINKSYS {EthernetFast Cable dsl router} but the internet connection doesnt work.
the modem that i use is WESTELL... i installed aol 6.0 and it will work only if i change WAN --> TO the UPLINK {modem connection} This router can share 4 computers, it has WAN port and a UPLINK Port.. according to the installation manual the modem cable is supposed to go to the WAN Port. And also i called the TECH support, they went through some installation procedures..
Lan Ip address
Wan IP Address---obtain address automatically
The problem that i'am having is through their router setup screen when i check for to connnect it gives me an error saying that autentication failed. according to tech support they told me that it's the user name and password {aol}.. i put the same sn and pswd which i use for aol, used my other one's, same error.
Tech support told me to enable PPPoE
under there i put the User name and password for aol. above--^ ERROR

if u have any tip that u can give me i would appreciate it...
thank you,
e-mail me at [email protected]
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