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Networked printers disconnect from PC

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Hi Everyone,
I have a strange PC/Printer problem that is happening to a couple of Win98se machines in our office. The machines will boot up and connect to the WinNT 4.0 network and load all the printers in the office. I'll check to see if all the printers are in the Printers folder and do a couple of test prints and it's fine. The user will go about their day and then they try to print something, the machines will get locked up during printing. I'll Ctrl+Alt+Del to end the job and I'll look in the print folder and all the printers are gone. They just vanish??? I'll reboot the machine and the printers show up again. The PC will work for awhile, then it does the same thing. Sometimes 3 to 4 times a day. I've loaded spool32.exe in the Win.ini file, Uninstalled and reinstalled all the printers with updated drivers. Any help will be greatly appericated. Thanks

The machines with the problems:
Compaq deskpro 667 Mhz PIII 190Mb 10Gb HD Win98se
Compaq EVO laptop 1Ghz PIII 256Mb 20Gb HD Win98se
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I had a similar problem caused by one of the system admins setting a 1 hour lease on ip addresses for one of our machines. When the hour expired, it was kicked off the network.

Rebooting fixed it because then the machine grabbed another ip address and was good for another hour.

...why he did it, he never

Its a longshot but to check, type start, run, winipcfg, click more info, select the network adapter and look at the bottom to see when your lease expires.
I checked and the lease is for three days.;en-us;192823

Thats strange. the above link is the only thing I could find (other than info on some mac printers) regarding that problem.

Is it only the printers that disappear or are the machines actually kicked off the network?
Nope, just the printers. Strange huh'
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