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Network Storage Drive

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Hello. I have a seagate Free Agent Go 250 Gb usb external drive and have it connected to my router as a storage device. The device is configured on the router's config page to allow access to the entire drive.

I am looking for a program that will allow me to install applications and
other software over the network and access/run them over the network.
Any suggestions?
Ceedo Enterprise does NOT work. So I have resoved to giving up on this program. It works fine if connected to a computer, not a router. I have tried EVERYTHING. Its a shame cause I reallyy liked it too.
Disabling UAC didn't work, neither did setting permissions, or turning off firewalls. Just doesn't work so now I am seeking help to find a program that will work.

Thanks in advance.
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Are you trying to install an application on the network drive then run it from more than one computer? That's not going to happen. Any reasonably sized application sticks a lot of stuff in the registry, which won't be in any computer that didn't run the install to the same location. In addition, if two applications are attempting to run from the same copy, collisions with file updates to the folder tree will quickly corrupt the installation beyond repair.
The first thing you need to do is ensure that you can access the FreeAgent drive from your computer. Do you see it in the Windows Explorer?

By the way, what kind of router is this? This sounds like a useful capability if it works as advertised. I suspect that the router comes with documentation and maybe even software that explains how to configure your machine to see an attached drive.
There are a number of routers that have a USB connection for a USB drive to share it.

In any case, the scheme for sharing applications is a loser, having the Seagate software installed isn't going to change that.
JohnWill, Perhaps you're jumping ahead here. First, the OP didn't say anything about running software from multiple machines. Second, concurrent file updates are only an issue if the application writes to the install directory. On Vista, I believe this is prohibited, and the operating system would (for backwards compatibility) mirror these updates into a folder under the user's home directory.
In reference to JohnWill posts:
I am trying to install somekind of portable Media Player (iTunes or something relevent) and a Video Player. I want to use the network drive and be able to play music or video from my Media Center or a HD DVR tv input. My HD DVR is Ethernet wired and receives internet signal so I thought this might work.
Thats why I thought Ceedo would work because the program is supposed to allow you to seamlessly run software from multiplatforms. Go to and you can catch a fast demo.

I know the the FreeAgent software runs from the mapped network drive and it does not change the Ceedo Enterprise software. It still doesn't load. Gives me the error "You cannot run this program from this folder".

In reference to jdeans posts:

I have a WRT610N Dual Band Router with Storage. It is a linksys/cisco.
Just bought it and it works great. I must say though I am going to the website to look up more info on this router. Perhaps there is something I am missing from the router's documentation.

Thanks in advance for your replies.
I have posted to other forums and have yet to get a response. :)
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If you are just trying to place music and video on the FreeAgent drive and access that from other places, then you don't need to install software (the media player) on the drive. Just point your media player, your media center, etc. to the drive.
Ceedo web site says a USB device is required. A USB device connected to a router is not the same thing. However, from what you've said so far, I don't see much to be gained by using Ceedo so this shouldn't be an issue for you.
Are you looking in Ceedo or Ceedo Enterprise on the website? I have the Enterprise version.

My question is how am I going to run music and video without a software device loaded on the network drive?
I mean there is not any software preloaded on my HD don't I need a software program to employ the music/video to the HD DVR so I can see it on my tv?

Thanks again for your input. I am enlightened.
By the way, why is a usb device connected to a computer not the same thing as Ceedo requiring a USB device?

I guess it has something to do with the network changes the usb external drive to a network drive??? Thus, that is why the install program tells me that there is no usb drive connected when trying to install WITHOUT mapping the drive first...

And then when I do map the drive I can install but the program tells me that it needs to fix something and when I click OK, the fix fails....leaving me back to square one.
My question is how am I going to run music and video without a software device loaded on the network drive?
I mean there is not any software preloaded on my HD don't I need a software program to employ the music/video to the HD DVR so I can see it on my tv?
I looked at the Ceedo site and I can't see any way that Ceedo could be even remotely useful with a DVR. Ceedo allows you to create virtual machines and store them on a drive. It doesn't run programs ON the drive, it runs programs FROM the drive. The program runs on your computer and your computer access the virtual machine which is stored on the drive. Even if Ceedo Enterprise ran over the network, your DVR would need to be able to run Ceedo.

Perhaps someone else can answer the question about programming a network-capable HD DVR to access media on a network drive. You might want to check out the DVR documentation and see if it provides any insight.
wow. Thanks. You totally cleared up my thought process.
I will check out the HD DVR documentation, though I'll bet on it that
there is nothing there to aid me.
So, I will just attempt to load my music, pics and vid's onto the network drive and hope that whenever I load them, from whatever pc in the house, they will run with no problem.
You might also want to check out this page on the Linksys site that shows what the attached network drive architecture looks like. This is more a marketing/sales picture than a technical one; I assume there's some more detailed information on the Linksys site but I can't find it (short of the user manual itself):

If you consider this problem to be solved, there is a "Solved" button that you can click.
I will check out the website. Thank you for all your expertise.

I understand now why the program isn't operating correctly.

till we speak, Have a great day!:)
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