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Network Printer Issues

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Hello all, hope you can be of assistance to me :)

I setup a home network last week which involved the following:

3 Desktop PC's on Windows XP Home
1 Laptop on Windows XP Pro
2 Laptops on Windows Vista Premium

The main PC on the network is one of the XP Home desktops, it has a printer attached to it and user accounts with files in from the rest of the family.

After a while I eventually got all machines talking to each other and sharing files correctly.
The printer was available as a network printer on all machines, and I was able to install the printer as a network printer on each and every machine.

The problem became apparent when trying to do any printing from the 2 Vista laptops, the job sends and spools but then never actually prints. From the XP machines everything prints fine. I can access printer properties from the Vista machines and see the print queue, as I send the job it momentarily appears in the print queue then disappears and nothing happens.

I've looked at the potential for it to be a driver issue, but surely the printer wouldn't install on the Vista machines if it was trying to use an XP driver or incorrect driver... would it? The XP machine has the latest drivers available for the printer. It's an HP 990CXI

Hope you can help :)
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Try downloading and installing the Vista version of the drivers, and treat the printer as if it were a local printer on the Vista machine during the installation. After the drivers are installed, access the printer properties and create a new local port with the name being the full network path name to the printer, i.e.


This is how I had to resort to installing a couple of printers on Vista.
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