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Hello there dear gurus...

I encountered a funny problem today.
I am running NT Server 4.0 and I have 4 new users coming in today. In User Manager for domains, I added the users, with the option "users will be prompted to change their password when they log in".

Now, when the users log on to their Win98 machines, they enter the default password, and true enough they are prompted to change their passwords.
A window pops up that contains 3 text fields -
1) "Old Password" (automatically filled with *********),
2) "New Password" (where the user is to enter her own new password) and
3) "Confirm New Password" (where the user simply has to re-enter the password she typed in the previous box)
All the user had to do was to type in accordingly, and their passwords would've been changed successfully.

All except one user, that is. This user had a strange problem. He entered the default password, saw the pop up with 3 text fields, but the "Old Password" field is NOT filled with asterisks, unlike the others. It was empty. So I typed in there the default password which is "password", then enters his new password in the "New Password" field, then again in the "Confirm New Password" field.
Then the machine prompts me that the old password is incorrect. I can swear my life that the default password I used in the server IS "password". I repeated the process but keep getting the same problem.

Any ideas how to solve this?
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