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Network icon in Control Panel

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When I click on the "Network" icon in Control Panel a dialog box pops up saying, "Your network is not complete. Do you want to continue?". I am using a cable internet connection. What is the best way to go about fixing this message? I am not on a network. When I click on the "Connection Helper" icon, nothing happens.

Also do I need to keep "Dial-Up Networking" installed?
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How does your cable modem connect to the PC?
Internet cable connects via a Diamond HomePNA & Ethernet Card.
Well, it seems that I had deleted the Microsoft Network Agent from the network configuration. I added it and now, no more warning message. The missing Network Neighborhood desktop is back again also.

I still have an applet in the Control Panel called "Connection Helper" that does not respond. Is that supposed to be there?
Originally posted by seidnerm:
I am not on a network.
Oh yes you are.

You have a network card, and a network connecting to your router. Just because there are no other PCs or servers on it does not mean its not a network.

And yes, you can delete the dial-up connection.
I'm not sure if I was clear. The high-speed cable line goes to a cable modem which then connects to the Ethernet card.

Should I remove the "Microsoft Agent" from the Network configuration box or leave it there? I now have the Network Neighborhood Icon on the desktop and a logoff and a standby choice to the shutdown menu.
I'm pretty sure you will get that error unless a client, adapter and protocol stack are in the network configuration. So you should leave the MS Client in the network configuration. If you are not on a network at home, you can remove the icon from the desktop.
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