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Netscape email account

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I just upgraded to Netscape 7 and had a question.
If i sign up and complete all the necessary things for the email account like ISP info and email address etc,would I screw up Outlook Express in any way? as long as it is my default. And I sorta kept Netscape for a spare to use or use both. The email from my ISP would go to the respective Inbox due to different email addresses or would Netscape receive any mail if it was not the default one?
In my wonderings,my thinking is that if I had two email addresses I would have to switch from OE to making Netscape my default to read and send mail from there? Correct?
Also I am not wrong in thinking that an ISP can send email to as many addresses as a person wishes to have? Would i have to use the same address as I use now for both places?
As you can plainly see I am not to hep on using more than one email address. If anyone can explain this to me I would appreciate it.
Thanks again
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You can have as many email addresses in as many programs as you want.

When you setup a new email program, it will often change itsself to default, but you can change it back.

You can receive mail from all your email addresses into Outlook express or Netscape or both.

You can use OE or Netscape as your default client even if you have 2 addresses.

Your ISP's servers will send your mail to whichever mail client you happen to check your mail with.

You do not have to use the same address you have now for both places, but you can.

Sorry if i missed one of your questions in there, please ask on the ones you need more specific instructions about also.
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since we are on the email subject, I posted another question in the email catagory.
I would like to find out why I can't receive messages in Hotmail sent from Outlook Express. My friend sent 3 and i sent myself 3 test messages and they never showed up.
I wrote to a Hotmail address from Outlook Express for my wife and got an answer back,so it worked that way.,but my friend and I cannot figure out where the messages went. We can send HM to HM and get them.But not from OE to HM.
Any ideas on that one? as of now I have received no replies on that question and I emailed Hotmail and so far no response from them.
I know it used to work,but have no idea why not now.
I have not changed any settings in HM at all.
sasnak-please only post your problem once, especially not twice in a thread on a different topic. Your post about email can be seen in the email forum, it doesnt need to be "advertised" throughout the different threads.
You would do better to post the new question in a new thread.
That's way, more people will be able to help with it.
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