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Nero Problem

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Nero Problem
Hi There

Just started to try and copy an audio cd that has a video on it, by using Nero and just going to CD Copy it looks like it starts to copy then it Comes up and says Burn Process Failed and "Medium Speed Error).

Please Help

Athaslon XP 2000 (1.6 Ghz)
Win XP Pro
80 GB Hd (60 GB Free)
256 Mb Ram
CD Writer Drive (40X12X48)


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You're trying to burn on the fly, and in spite of having burnproof your dvd drive is fluctuating and playing outside the rate that the cdrw can copy at.
the solution is to untick copy on the fly and let nero make an image that will then be copied to the cdrw when it has been copied in it's entirety.

It's a bit slower but almost guaranteed not to have any errors.

I get the same problem on most audio cds but almost never on data cds
so on the fly copying is out.

It can also be caused by using cheap 8/10/20 speed whatever blank cdrs and trying to burn at 40/48 speed

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