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Nero Backitup

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I have installed a tournament planner onto my laptop.
To register it you need to attach the license file which I am having problems with.

I select the file but then I am getting the message that I need to open it with Nero Backitup???
So it takes you into the NERO Backitup.

This does not get me anywhere.

Please Help!!

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More details needed. What tournament software did you install? What version of Windows?

What are the exact instructions for the license file?

The license file probably shares the same extension as Nero's Backup software hence why it opens with it. There's generally more than one way to load many license files.
The TP program is:

The license file is:

NEJTA-TP-2014.License (this was sent to us from Tennis Victoria and I have used this on another computer and it was fine)

Try right clicking in the License file and choose Open With and select the Tournament Planner software.

Also, check the Help menu and see if there is an option there to load the license file.
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