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need ram advice

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i need more ram and i hav 2 spare ram slots on my motherboard. i was wondering if i just put the new ram in one of the slots and the comp will do the rest. i also wanted to now if i should get the same brand of ram as my other one. and if this

256MB PC133 Hyundai Chipset, Non ECC, $89 Electronic Product Warehouse," is alright (its $89 australian).

tnx for any help.
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Yes, once you add the new RAM and turn on the computer it should recognise it. As for getting the same brand, if you're happy with it then do it.
thanks for ur help LadyLisa. :D
You're welcome and be careful putting it in, if you push too hard you could damage it.
Wow $89.00 for 256 sdram module, kind of high. Check out or, I beleive the price for that module is around $34.00 there.:cool:
He said $89 Australian, which would be around $45US
and our ram is soooo cheap here.........256meg strip is around £45
thats $90 australian and about $70 US.............this is rip-off britain for ya.:mad:

you ever go to any of those computer shows they have in Trafford Park? You can get it a lot cheaper at a place like that.

now lisa............did i say i PAID £45 ???;)
im just having a ***** fit.........maybe theres someone looking in and is thinking "he`s right,lets bring the prices down":eek:
slap me,i need to wake up:D
and ............just so`s you know......the ***** spelled b i t c h
not what you wre thinking.:rolleyes:
$teve, I wasn't thinking anything of the sort.......... LOL ;)

And cheaper prices is always nice :D
if anyone nows where a cheap place to buy ram in melbourne, australia is id be very grateful.
haha losers... ram here in good old day tone ohio ranges from 5 - 6 bucks for pc133 64mb to 27 bucks for 256 mb pc133 and about 50 - 60 for 512 mb. ddr is still kind of expensive as 1 gb ddr pc2100 is 393 bucks. but still cheap!!!!!!!!


Hi first post on this forum. I have three pc100 chips 64 meg(unknown Brand) 32(UB) and a 256 micron. I was wandering if if could arrange them for optimal performance or if it was all done automatic i only have three memory slots. Thanx
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