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I have added a site to my "trusted sites" list in Internet Explorer:
However I cannot get the site to load at all.
I keep getting the error message:
Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage
I have tried over and over to find the problem.
I can get the site: to load, but most of the links on that site are to a site, including the contact us information.
I would ask them (Bravenet) to help me, but I cannot get to their help or contact files.
When I try to go from Google to I get an error box with the message:
The current web page is trying to open a site in your trusted sites list.
Do you want to allow this?
Current site:
Trusted site:
Yes No
Warning: Allowing this can expose your computer to security risks. If you don't trust the current Web Page, choose No.
When I answer Yes, I still get the error message:
Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage.
Do I have some settings incorrect in my security settings somewhere.
Mostly, I have not had any problems viewing the sites I want to see.
I do have one other site that is a problem in the same way.
It also is listed in my trusted sites:

What is the point of adding a site to your trusted sites when it doesn't allow the site when you say yes?
I am totally confused on this issue.
ADDITIONAL NOTE: I have also tried to load the site in Firefox and Netscape. I get the same error messages in both browsers.
Please give me guidance.
Thank you

Compaq Presario SR1230NX
Windows XP SP2
IE 7.0.5730.11
I use Comcast Cable for my ISP
McAfee for my Virus protection and
Windows Firewall
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