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Need help with recorded lectures on Adobe Connect

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I not able to watch recorded lectures on Adobe Connect. Other people are able to do so, however.

I have tried everything on Adobe's website to solve this issue. I have also tried uninstalling the applications and re-installing them. I reset the laptop this morning, but to no avail. This is a new computer, which got delivered 3 days ago.

My exams will be over by Dec 11. I have 44 days to watch the lectures, study and appear for assignments. I had taken two days' leave from work to catch up on my studies. Those days have been wasted trying to open a single lecture.

I would be very grateful, if someone could help me in sorting this out.

Thank you for your valuable time.

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My system meets the requirements and technical specs.

I ran the test, it said, my connection is modem speed... Twice
latency = 384 msec, up= infinity kbit/sec, down= 61 kbit/sec
I tried pasting the links in the browser. The video starts after 7-8 minutes. And then stops, and goes back to the starting point. After that I have to refresh it again. There's also a disparity b/w the speaker's content and slides. Nobody else is encountering this problem. Could my device be defective?
Possibly, or your connection. Go to and click Go. When the Download and Upload tests are complete, click the little chain-link icon just to the right of SHARE, copy the link in the Forum box and post it here in a new reply to this Thread.

For example, your post will end up looking something like this:

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Download/Upload speeds are okay but that 82 ms Ping time is terrible (read: s-l-o-w). Might want to contact your ISP and see if they can do something to help you improve it.
So, would you say, the laptop is fine? It's the connection speed of the internet which is at fault...?
The only way to know would be to try the same speedtest and accessing the lectures while connected to different ISP.
I asked my friends to try and access the lectures. Both of them could watch the videos perfectly. So, I think, I should raise a replacement request for the device. It's within the 10 day replacement period.
Hi SpywareDr,

Below is a Speccy report of my system. Do you think you could go through it, and help me in detecting what's wrong?

Thanks a lot for your time! I really appreciate it.
To confirm it is your device, have one of those friends try and access the lectures while using your internet access.

If they now have a problem, it's your internet access.
If they do not have a problem, it would be your laptop.
Don't bank on the information from 1 test. You should be doing 3 tests each from 3 different test sites.

Having said that, 384 msec from a test doesn't look good either.

Are you connecting via wireless, or Ethernet?
If you are connecting wireless, can you connect via Ethernet and disable wireless for troubleshooting.

Let's do a ping test via Command Prompt:

Press the Windows key and R to bring up the Run box. Next, type cmd and press enter. In command prompt, type ping -n 100 and press Enter. Let this run and it should finish within 2 minutes. Copy and paste the statistics here. It should look something like this:

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Hi SpywareDr and Couriant,

I contacted the manufacturer. They sent an on-site engineer. He found a lot of things off with the laptop - OS, software, hardware, motherboard... *sigh*

Such a bummer. When you put all your savings into something, and that turns out to be defective... It's fortunate that I got to know within three days of purchase. I've raised a request for replacement.

Thank you for your help, guys. I really appreciate it. :)
OK, let us know if the new computer does resolve the Adobe Connect issue. :D
OK, let us know if the new computer does resolve the Adobe Connect issue. :D
Absolutely, will do :)
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