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need help with ati driver

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I recently installed a ati 3d accelerater, and am having problems insalling the driver. Every time I try it freezes up and I have to restart the pc,. this is not my only problem, for every sense I insalled ati I've been stuck in 16 colors and cant change it. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Did you remove the display driver for the previous video card before trying to install the new one? Not doing so will cause problems like you describe. With a new video card and no working drivers installed for it, you are running on basic video drivers and will be stuck with 16 colors until the new card is working correctly. If the ATI instructions are not clear, go to Start>Settings>Control Panel>System and the Device Manager tab. Expand the Display Adapters line and select the line for the old video card and if there also the ATI one at a time and hit the Remove button. Reboot with the ATI CD in and install the driver and any programs you want. This time before you start the install, shut down any antivirus and other programs running. This sometimes help with problems installs.
I don't have the manual, so I am just trying without, and I am not to sure what exactly I am doing.
You do have the installation CD dont you? If not, go to the ATI web site and you can download the latest driver for you specific card which i recommend you do anyway after you get it installed correctly. The web page on the bottom left is the entry point to start locating you info.
Yes, I do have the installation cd, but have yet to figure out how to get it to work. It loads up and I can ati easy install, but when it grts to installing graphic driver components it stops responding.
Well then go to the ATI site, download the correct driver file to a named folder on your hard drive. This time go to the line for the ATI video card in the Device Manager, highlight the line and select the Properties button. On the Drivers tab select the Update Drivers button and point it to the downloaded file. Should work that way. Another option is to create a folder named test or whatever and copy the contents of the cd to the folder. Now you can start the installation from the folder on the hard drive.
in start/settings/active desktop/customize my desktop/settings it says I have a choice of two monitors. It also gives me a selection gaphics adapters:
1. compaq Mv520 on standard pci graphics adapter(VGA)
2.SiS 530(unknown monitor)
What does it say under System>Device Manager>Display Adapters?
It says:
SiS 530
standard pci graphics adapter(vga)
The SIS is a graphics adapter, probably the last one installed. The standard pci is just a basic one to give you video at the minimal level. Go to the Device Manager highlight 1 and remove it, select the other and remove it. Reboot and windows will try to install either or both again. Instead go to Control Panel and manulally install the ATI graphics adapter driver either from the CD, download, or copy of the CD on the hard drive.
Do I need windows cd to do this, or is there a way around it.
When I d/l my last Graffics updated driver, I had to uninstall previous version, then load windows default, then load my update, I will se if I can find the instructions, but it's late and Santa is about to land, so if I get a chance tomorrow, I will see if i can find the directions, as stated by Paul, windows is picky about this...Rhett
If you copy the ati cd to the hard drive or use a downloaded driver, you should not need the Windows Cd that by your question i guess you dont have. I really dont remember if the Win CD is asked for or not. I think that the default video drivers a loaded during the Windows installation. I really cant offer any more help other than what has already been given. Its 3:00am in michigan and i am going to bed. Good luck! Will check back in 2-3 days.
You guessed right, but I still am having a hard time installing the driver. I am going to install windows xp, and I hope this will help.
By the way, thanks for all the help. I will post my results tommarow.

good day:)
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