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Need help with a virus on my puter using windows XP

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I need help. I ended up getting the w32Nimda enc virus. I don't know how I got it but its in my Guest account. When i do a full scan with norton 2002 its say i have no infected files but when I go to view reports in Norton antivirus it shows a list of all the files that are infected and are non repairable. I can't delete the guest account. I tried to in control panel but when i go back to review reports there are more files that are being infected My other user acounts are working fine anear as I can tell as well as my own but I'm stumped about this virus or what to do. I'm worrid that i'm going to have to reformat the whole drive. Any help would be appreciated.
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Instead of trying to delete the guest account through the comtrol panel, open explorer and go to Documents and Settings and open up the guest profile and just delete all the files under it.

The profile info will be recreated the next time that someone uses the guest account.
Also, you can go here for help, I have norton too and this place got rid of all the virus for me! >>>
Check with norton's tech-support, awhile back I had the same virus, turned out it was a false possitive, I got it from a HP site. Norton's tech rep asked me if it was quaranteened and it was not, but I had no list of bad files so maybe you do have it.
The post i gave above is for Norton tech support!

Can you go here and download Startup Log:

Install and run it, allow for the DOS window to close, then copy/paste the list here. There may be some parts loading up at startup.


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