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Need Help Upgrading my Emachine T1840

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Hey everyone, I'm new here and I'm asking for some help on upgrading my PC.
The old specs this comp. had are:

Windows XP Home
128 MB PC-2100
1.80 GHZ Celeron CPU
Intel Extreme Graphics
40 GB HD
250 watt power supply
CD-RW/DVD drives

I've upgraded the RAM before and filled my last memory slot. I bought a 256mb PC-2100 memory stick off newegg and in total I have is 384 MB. I will add more though, and I have to remove my 128 MB stick because there is no more space for another one, that's how Emachine PC's are. :( So I'm going to add another 512mb stick, take out the 128 MB one and go for a total of 768 MB. I also removed my oboard graphics card and added the crappy Geforce 4 MX 440 "budget card". Note: My computer doesn't have AGP slots. It only has PCI, and I recently seen a Geforce FX 5700 LE 128 MB (PCI!!) on newegg for $89.00 and do you think it's worth buying? The only reason I've choosen over the Radeon 9250 (PCI) is because it uses Direct X 9 and the 9250 uses Direct X 8.1.

And, here comes the question I need help on...

My motherboard manual says that it supports a Intel Pentium 4 processor in the mPGA 478 pin package. What I'm confused is, does it support P4's with Hyper-Threading?? I saw a good one on newegg, too bad I can't post URL's on this forum..

Thanks. :)
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Emachines and most brand names are hard to upgrade because there is a lack of information on what they support.

For RAM you can go here:
You can go to a max of 1GB using 2 512MB sticks

For video, the FX5700LE is one the best video cards you can get for PCI. It won't perform anywhere near the AGP FX5700LE version and it is the LE version which means it uses lower core and memory speeds and is only 64 bit instead of 128 bit like the Ultra version.

For CPU you'll have to wait til someone finds more info but its hard to say with certainty the maximum supported for such a unit.
Well I might just be tempted to ditch the entire system and build a new one instead of sinking money into it. You could reuse the hard drive, CD and floppy drive.
Doom 3......ahhh OK, I see. What you need to do is that your computer and put it in a trash can and go buy a new one.

If the upgrades were plausable they would cost quite a bit and still not give you the performance you are looking for. I suspect you might be limited to CPU's with a 400Mhz FSB which means oldfer Pentium 4's and Celerons.

Sorry, if you want to play Doom you need a faster and better CPU (not a Celeron), more Memory(1 GB works good with Doom 3), and a much better video card(something like a Radeon 9800 PRO 128MB or FX6600GT 128MB or better in AGP). Something with a quality 5.1 surround sound chip also improves Doom 3 play considerable.

If you're broke then save the money, don't flush them down the toilet because in my opinion thats what you'd be doing.
6600GT review and benchmarks:

The 6800 is 256 bit while the 6600 is only 128 bit.

Personally, the 6600GT is more bang for the buck at the moment.
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