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need help please

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Okay,I downloaded an episode of Buffy from the internet,into Kazaalite shared folder and from there it will playback just fine,I decided to put it onto a cd-r in Nero and I thought I had done all the right things,copied it in video mode etc and the burn went ok it said,but the problem is I cant get it to play (the cd) on my computer for some reason,tried it in 3 different players,and nothing at all,I cant try it in a conventional cd player cos I dont have one .....any help would be appreciated ;)

O/s is windows ME by the way
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Hi telecom69

Not sure I can help you on this one but here goes

Two things come to mind

1. you don't have the correct codec installed

2. your players will not play the format it is saved in

What format is it saved in ? ....DivX avi mpeg3 mpeg4 ?

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Hi steam,thought you wouldnt be long and thanks lol;) since first post have found out it will play on conventional player so that looks good,as far as I can find out its recorded in mpg format and thats all I can find sorry .....
Im a bit new at this video recording,so know nothing lol, by the way other cd's like commercial ones for instance do play ok on computer ok ......
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