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need help on getting a new hard drive please

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My specs are in my signature, but I was wondering: I want to buy a 20 to 40 gig harddrive for my cheap computer. What do I need other than money to get the hard drive working properly? I have a IDE card (Magic IDE 100) for my plextor burner, will that work? Also I want to know which brand to get that is reliable and as cheap priced as possible. Thanks
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I've got a 20GB drive in a Gateway PII350 and two 40GB drives in a home made PII400. In both computers they're just on the IDE channel and the BIOS recognized them with no problems so I think you can just buy a new drive and won't need anything else.
You should have 2 IDE slots on your motherboard, and it is possible that your burner is a slave to your existing drive. If that is the case it will be on the same IDE ribbon as your hard drive, IDE-0. Leave it be and use your NEW hard drive as Master on IDE-1, If your burner is on a separate IDE ribbon and is set as Master on IDE-1, you will want to put the second hard drive as Slave on IDE-0.

So on top of the drive you MIGHT need another IDE ribbon, though these are sometimes supplied by the Hard drive manufacturer

Personally, I think it isn't cost effective to buy 20GB HDD anymore, especially as the 40GB are virtually the same price.

Western Digital

are the main players in the HDD field, and is another of those debateable areas as to which is best

One thing you actually failed to mention was how much you were prepared to spend
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Sorry I am prepared to spend at most 40 dollars, but preferrably 20-30 dollars if possible? I've seen sales and rebates before in Compusa ads but I don't think there's one going on right now.

Also which type of hard drive would be fast? 5400 or 7200? what's the mb cache do? thanks
On a PII450 the speed of the drive is not going to make any noticable difference, I've tried it with my PII400.
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