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Need help choosing external hard drives

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I finally accepted that there is currently no 100% reliable external hard drive, so I am preparing to purchase two 2TB external hard drives (or 2 2TB SSDs, or one of each), so I can clear some space from my PC and have some peace of mind knowing it's highly unlikely both external hard drives will fail.

I have looked at online reviews, articles, and videos, and have come to no conclusion about which hard drives would be the best. I am seeking experienced advice concerning 2TB external hard drives from WD, Seagate, Toshiba, or any other brand. Also, I am interested if SSDs are worth spending the extra money.

I don't care about speed, and I probably won't be carrying these external hard drives around much, just from one end of the house to another, occasionally, so they don't need to be something I can throw in a bag, although that would be a bonus. I really only care that they do not fail anytime soon. Good warranties and good customer service are a plus.

Thank you for your help!
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I am considering adding storage space to my Dell Optiplex 755. I don't know much about this except I assume it involves either plugging something into the motherboard or using a desktop unit that plugs in through a USB port. I am going to be doing some video editing and I need space for all my footage. This is a separate concern from data backup, for which I plan to acquire two external hard drives (which I asked about in another thread).

What is the best way to go about this? I am already worried about external hard drives' rate of failure. Is it any better for internal hard drives/internal SSDs/desktop additions? Obviously this includes the added consideration that I will be working off the unit every day for about 8 hours, so it has to be hearty enough to deal with that.

Thank you for any advice!
Hello and welcome to TSG!!

I've got all WD external drives. I have a 2TB MyCloud and a 6TB MyBook connected to it (makes streaming to all my TVs with Roku devices real easy!), and a 4TB MyBook connected to my router, also primarily for streaming. I just got a 10TB WD Elements drive, but haven't even removed it from the box yet.

I've had the MyCloud for several years now, and the 4TB for s few. I got the 6TB within the past year, or so, and have had no problems whatsoever with any of them (knocking on wood). I used that as the basis for buying the Elements, plus Newegg had a good sale at the time.

The MyCloud is a NAS (attached to the network and accessible as a network drive), so I can get to it from any system in the house, including phones and tablets. You can also use it remotely, though I don't have it set up. I don't really have the need.
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I have never had a problem with the high end WD drives ie black or raptor. I use a WD elements drive for extra file backup. This drive sits in my safe unless actually being used.
Rather than an external drive, why not an internal drive in a usb3 case? I assume these ext drives are usb?
Or, if you have an unused sata port & room on comps front, add a 'removeable' drive bay to your comp? Much faster data transfer, , , ,
Or just install another internal hard drive for the extra storage, no need to get an external drive for that.
I have 8 external WD hard drives. (My oldest is huge in physical size but small in storage @ 80mb!) The other seven range in size [email protected] 500GB, [email protected] and [email protected] My Passport Essential (500 GB) , My Passport (500 GB and 1 TB), My Passport Ultra (1TB and [email protected]@TB) and Elements (2TB only because they stopped making MY passport Ultra). Granted, I don't use these hard drives daily for 8 hours a day.

Note: these stats are for internal drives. I'm not sure if any one tests portable external drives.
It is hard to find stats for 2TB drives because everyone is moving to larger storage.
I was able to find some 2016 stats but it only shows 1 brand of 2TB drive.

Let's see if I can dig up older information from Backbaze.
I like to build my own external HDDs .... (With a front panel power switch)
Currently using this Enclosure and a WD Black HDD (with a 5 yr warranty)

I can change the HDD or Enclosure (or relocate the HDD) and not worry about the voiding the warranty.

I use a different Enclosure for my SSDs .... and choose a SSD with the best TBW durability rating.
Currently using Samsung or WD .... And I always build Twins.

Only a few bucks more, Does anyone know what HDD quality comes in a Pre-built ??

Speed helps if you have a HDD problem and need to rebuild/replace one.
It's a lot faster to Clone a new HDD from a backup than to copy several TBs

I always register the HDD ... Had one loose a sector at just under 5 years ... WD replaced it.
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