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Need help asap for legal reasons

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I need help with 2 things. 1) how is it possible for someone to steal you number and use it to send a message to someone else you know pretending it's you? And 2) how can I get evidence to prove it happened?
Here's why, my ex wife of 4 years has been doing whatever she can to destroy my life. Even falsifying criminal charges, trying to have me evicted, turning ex gfs against me, and now she is trying to get my current gf and I to break up so she can try and convince her to help get me in trouble too.

Today my gf got 2 separate messages from my phone number telling her that I was cheating g and I'm breaking up with her. Also, that I was seeing another girl for months.
I know it's my ex wife and idk how she did it. I had gotten 2 of my kids metro pcs phones like mine and paid for them but they are pre paid and not linked.
Is their apps that do that and can I do something to catch her to prove her rotten ways?

Please help me!
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Your Android phone has been hacked. Get an iPhone and a new number. iPhones are much more secure.
I get that but I need to find proof it was my ex. That's the question
Hi, while we can understand that this must be very distressing for you, we are not able to help you.

It would be best for you to contact the Police or other law enforcers who will have the ability to track and trace all electronic messages, sent by mobile phones, etc.
We wish you all success with this but as we cannot help you, I have no option but to close this thread.
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