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need help after reinstall XP Home

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I had a problem for which I was told to reinstall XP Home over itself, which I did. At first I thought all my old data and programs were gone, but they are still there and I can't run the programs. I went into safe mode and changed ownership and permissions for my new username account as administrator, and I changed the programs folder from read only and gave myself full control. But when I log on in normal mode, the only way I can get to them is throught My Computer, c drive, program files. I can see them all still there, but if I try to run them I get error messages or they come up with the screen to register them.

When I go to start, program files all that shows up are a couple of programs that I did reinstall.

Is there a way that I can get them back into the program list in control panel and run them without having to reinstall every program? I have a LOT of programs. If I do have to reinstall every one, will they reinstall over themselves, or will they be on my hard drive in 2 different places?

Also is it possible to get my old desktop and favorites back? All my documents, photos etc are there and I can access them without any problem. My favorites folder is in documents and settings, but can I get it back onto the favorites list in IE6?

Also in outlook express 6, can I get back my saved messages and my address book?

One last question, do I need to go to MS and do all the IE and XP Home updates again?

This is all extremely upsetting and I will appreciate any help.

Thanks in advance. :confused:
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Here's a link to a MS article that should help:;en-us;q312368

Yes, you will have to re-run Windows Updater to make sure all updates are validate.
Thanks Dan O. I actually installed SP1 this morning after getting the little updates available notice. So it looks like everything is updated. (I just downloaded all the updates when prompted without really reviewing all of them until just now) :rolleyes:

Do you have any advice about getting my programs to work? I have just about come to the conclusion that I will have to install all of them again. :(
HI, Suzi, I think it would be best to reinstall them. Just reinstall them into the folders that you already have there is no need to have them on your hard drive twice.

The trouble is that the registry entries are missing and when you install the programs again it will put the entries in the right place.

When You do it think whether you really need the program. I did that last time I reinstalled and it saved a lot of work. Peace Mal
Hi - I kinda figured I would have to do that, and I have already installed the most important ones. Thanks for the reply. You are right, there are some that I don't need and I won't install them until the need arises.
I never had a problem reinstalling Windows and lossing my application shortcuts.

According to Micrsoft XP to prevent this problem from occurring, follow the instructions list in:;EN-US;312369
Thanks Dan-O. Hopefully I will not have to go throught this again. :)
HI Dan O, It should have been alright but I found that the instructions are a little bit misleading to a novice installer of XP which I was a few months ago.

The instruction tell you to press R to make a repair install but they don't tell you that the "R" is not the first R but occurs some pages deeper.

I think people are inclined to make a clean install because the proceedure is not explained properly by M$ Peace Mal
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