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need emergency cpr.......

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OK, after reading all the posts and following all the directions, I backed up my info and performed fdisk on my hard drive.

I put in the recovery cd upon reboot and now, here is the problem:

It reads the CD to start the recovery, it says:" Starting Windows 95" then goes to what looks like the recovery screen.
It says "Please Wait"
then it gives me this terrible feeling in the pit of my stomach.
It reads
"Error: this utility needs a CD ROM Drive please remove all floppies and Cd's and reboot"

It read the CD to start the recovery, why is it not recognizing that I have a CD Drive?

Am i stuck? I have to do this at work and then go home to try things out which is a pain.

Windows 95 was preloaded on the computer and a Windows 98 upgrade CD came with the purchase.
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My old Compaq had both a floppy and CD for recovery. The floppy had the drivers for the CD-ROM which would then allow the CD to be read after the format. I notice most recovery CDs don’t come with a floppy anymore, so you might have everything you need.

If a floppy is required you can probably download it from the computer maker’s site. Take a look there and see if there might not be some instructions for using the recovery CD.
Windows 95 was preloaded on the machine. It cma ewith a 98 upgrade CD.

I have a laptop that runs Windows 98. Is there a way to create a boot-up Cd from my laptop to use on my desktop?

Basically, I am looking for any idea on getting my desktop up and running again, because I am having no luck with the recovery CD?
You can make a startup CD from your laptop. Go to Add/Remove programs in Control Panel and select the Startup Disc tab – it will put one on floppy for you.
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