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Need a good image editing program

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I'm looking for a good digital imaging editor program for my computer. I'm currently running Win 98 first edition. I'd prefer the software be free seeing as how I'm a broke college student :p
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What type of editing with you be doing? (advanced? basic?)
There is Irfanview that I swear by. It's free but it may not be as advanced as you need.
I used to use Photoshop back in the day when I had my Mac. I like to make photo collages and combine images etc.
Irfan View is brilliant for basic stuff, but you can't combine images with it.
A couple of graphics programs I've read about this week (but I haven't tried because my PC and laptop are probably too old) are Pixia and Dogwaffle.

Maybe somebody's had experience with these - they look pretty good.
I've tried about every free one and I can't recommend any except the one Angel suggested.

If you want a full-featured and powerful Program I recommend Photobrush ($38.00) and a great deal for all it does. I use it every day. (supports Photoshop Plugins and some PSP stuff). That really extends it's potential. (You can try it for 30 days Free).

(IrfanView also supports Photoshop Plugins). You'll want to get IrfanView even if you get Photobrush. It's great for optimizing images for the web and resizing, cropping etc. Also has thumbnail viewer and slideshow. Lots of it's own Plugins make it versitile.
(Music-Video-etc). Dispays animated Gif's too.

Good luck and Happy Imaging.
Personally, I am a big Photoshop fan, but the price is a bit steep.

Have a look at PaintShop Pro ( or PhotoImpact ( There are much cheaper.
PhotoStudio SE is free and has the feel of Photoshop. The SE version lacks some of the features of the full program like layers – which of course is what you are looking for. It does have tools like clone and magic wand. Put the cursor over any tool and the tooltips at the bottom of the page tell you what it is and how to use it.

You might be able to combine the layers ability of Pixia with the excellent tools of PhotoStudio.

Irfanview is a great viewer but severely lacking as a photo editor as you are accustomed to with Photoshop. Irfanview is my default viewer for all graphics types, but if I want to work with them they go to Photoshop.
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