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NAT type / Connecting with friends

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Have been having difficulty connecting with friends for a while, but after a bit it always ended up working, but now with a few friends it does not work. and i know on destiny i cant talk to then it says NAT problems.

I don't know what NAT is or how to fix it. i tried googling and it said something about router settings and turning on UPNP. I have done that but there has been no change.

On call of duty its saying NAT type moderate. and 1 of the friends says his says open.
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You need to set a static IP for your device and then DMZ that IP address.
I have no idea what that means or how to do it.
Who's your ISP? Do you have modem and SEPERATE wireless router?

Or do you use a WiFi router/modem combo unit?

You will need to log into the routers configuration panel normally using admin for useenmae and either admin or password for the password.

Normally you access it via browser using or

Look for the devices and locate your device and click it....u should have an option to set static/reserved IP address.

Then locate the DMZ area of your router and then it on and input the IP address you assigned into the DMZ field.

Save all the changes ....reboot the router and the game system
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Rogers. i just have 1 box not 2, not sure the difference.
I use wifi on my xbox and wire connection on my Girlfriends.
ok log in is on back of the box so i can remember login. ( for me)
now how do i look for devices.
i am not techy at all so set static. i guess that comes up when i find device, but could you like dumb it down for me and add in the steps in between.
tryed to sign back into router/motem what ever it is. and its not working. i used the that it says on back on box, but its ot loading.
Unfortunately it's difficult for me to give you step by step instructions because each routers GUI is very different. You could call Rogers and aks if they can remotely log into ur modem and make the necessary changes. I do tech support for ComCast AMD we have that ability so they might too
last time i talked to them about the issue they said i needed to pay extra to have some one do it for me.
My ip thing is not working to get to router/modem.
Do a factory reset on the router
look on back on modem/router box....should have a RESET "pinhole" button stick a paperclip in it to press the button and then hold it for about 20 seconds
i just turned it off and waiting a few minutes and turned it back on. i got onto the router thing.
is this what you ment by :
Look for the devices and locate your device
(see attached)

Also, CoD said earlier that it is not strict. also idk why 2 of them say phone and 2 of them say my computer, 1 is my GF's xbox with wire, and my xbox with wire. even tho it only says 1 with wire.


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here is whole page is that will help you to help me to figure it out.


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