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Nat Help With Modem and Consoles! Please :(

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Ok So We have an Xbox One And a normal crap laptop and things we're running nice for a while but My friend changed The Nat to bridged thinking it would help us connect to others easier :( but its just made me Have horrible disconnections every 10 mins and i cant Acess anymore to fix it... ;-; i keep trying and ive tried alot but i need help i dont understand what to do :( here's what it says ...
Rectangle Azure Blue Font Screenshot
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PS. we've allways had connection issues with eachother and other people not to games... if anyone thinks they can help with that. :I
I assume you're are using a wireless gateway (modem/router combo) unit, right?

Otherwise bridge wouldn't be an option.

Bridged mode is only for using a WG with a secondary router.

Once it's enabled you WONT be ae to access it or configure an settings cause DHCP is off. To remove bridge you have to perform a FR on it.

Whos your ISP?
What's the make and model of the WG?

I can tell yea if you're having connections issues, best would be to static the Xbox ip and DMZ it, to remove any NAT issues.
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From your screen shot, you are connected wirelessly to the router. You need to connect via an ethernet cable to change settings as you have changed them to bridged.

Log into the router, revert all changes your friend made back to how they were before.

Set the xbox to a static ip (eg

I would then suggest you use port forwarding. This will allow the router to send all relevant traffic to the xbox and still block all non relevant traffic. (IMO port forwarding is a much better option then DMZ)
I will have to "politely" disagree. I have NEVER had any issues arise from DMZing to reolve NAT issues, however I have had issues with PFing in the past, where changing from PFing to DMZ resolved them.
You are free to disagree, as I said it is my opinion.

On a SOHO network, DMZ will send all traffic not bound to another device to the device in the DMZ. Port forwarding will only send traffic for those specific ports to the device listed.

DMZ is the "easy" way to go but also the less secure of the two options.
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