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Name that movie

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It was a black and white film that revolved around a mining accident. The accident was sensationalized as they were able to communicate with the trapped miner. I think there was only one. They made a carnival atmosphere about the place. As far as I know and the sad part was that they were in no hurry to rescue the miner.
I thought it was called, The greatest show on earth" but there is no reference that I could find on this theme.
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"How green was my valley", was a film about a mining tragedy.
Try googling Mining tragedies black and white films. There is a large selection.
I love people with brains. They are hard to come by. That's the movie.
Awesome. Yes that's the movie. Interesting plot and human study.
I like detective work so decided to do some searching using specific key words and found that one which seemed to fit your description. It sounds like quite a story.
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