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mysterious folders

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I have been looking into the Windows Explorer -- under
C:windows. The hierarchy shows a number of folders which I never created and which were not there when my computer was brand new = 2months ago.

There are "prefetch" files, "shared" files... and "user" files among others.

I know I can safely delete temp internet files but I am afraid to touch any of these other folders and files for fear that I may create a mess..... advice??? help???? missfuffy:confused:
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Leave them alone.

Shared folders are where windows puts files that more than one programme might use

prefetch is a method of widows speeding up using certain regularly used programms

If you don't understand them don't touch them or you will definitely muck up your system

user files tend to be a log of what you have done on the computer and can work in much the same way as prefetch files.

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