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My volume on my Sharp LC-60LE644U not working well...

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We bought the TV used. It does have a new "Main Board (??)". The problem is the volume is just not that great. We have to turn it up to 80 before we can almost comfortably hear it. Is that normal? We turned the Surround Sound on and it was better (before that we needed FULL volume before we could hear it well enough! Our hearing is fine.) We use the Cox Contour receiver. Is there a possibility the two remotes are not working in sequence/conjunction? I mean, does one have to be turned to 0 so the other can be what seems a normal high volume at 50-ish? I don't think so but the only other two thoughts I had about it were 1) It's just the brand/model with it, or 2) Something needs to be repaired. I found nothing by Forum search, Google, or YouTube but then, I really don't know how to ask the question in "Search lingo". Please help! Thank you!
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Hello there! Great job on posting the question.

How is the sound wired from the contour receiver? Is it an HDMI cable from the receiver to the television?

Do you have any stereo/receiver associated with the TV or just the TV sound system?

Is the sound issue just with one type of input? Or does your DVD player (if you have one) sound different?
Thank you for that kind thought!

Yes, an HDMI cable connects the Cox Contour receiver to the TV.

We have an older DVD/VCR player plugged into the TV via an HDMI cable as well.

We have no other electronics connected to the TV except for the Contour receiver and the DVD/VCR player

The sound quality, or lack of, is the same on any format(??)...DVD, VCR, Cable TV, Netflix, YouTube...

(I hope I understood your questions!)
Yes. Oh lordy, I forgot to include the Model# LC-60LE644U ...oops!
Hello! Sorry for delayed reply.

I looked through the manual (link in post #4). If your TV and remote match the example, then I would try a couple of things:

1. Refer to section 3-8 and 3-10 Try toggling between the different stereo modes and see if it improves your sound

Section 4-21 Go to that menu option and reset the audio functions. I would document what the audio setting were before resetting it; just in case it might make the sound worse (audio settings shown in section 3-8 and 3-10).

If you wish, go through the troubleshooting recommendations in Section 9-5. While that section reads "No Sound", it may provide a clue to why your sound is not that good.

If you exhaust all your options with the sound, you may consider hooking up an external audio source (receiver/ speakers) and use it for the sound.
Well...I didn't see your helpful suggestions before I tried something. It may be in one of the suggestions you gave but I didn't see it scanning through them. I'm not so tech savvy but your suggestions seem simple enough. Thanks.

However, it seems I have "fixed the problem" to an acceptable level. What I did do was manually turn the Volume ALL the way down on the TV (the Volume was turned up a bit it turned out!) AND the Remote. Then I only use the Remote to utilize the Volume. MUCH better Volume and pleased but, yes, we may end up utilizing external audio source. We're happy now but will want to rock the house when in the loud music mood, haha.

Thank you, Brad/Drabdr!!
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Thank you so much for reporting back and letting us know what you found! Have a great week!
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