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My PC wont stop restarting itself

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Specs for PC
Ryzen 5 3600X
B450-M MSI Motherboard
RTX 2070 Super
1 TB M.2 Drive
750 Watt PSU Gold
NZXT CPU water cooler
H510 NZXT Case
3200 mHz Corsair Vengence PRO Ram

I dont know why, but whenever I play video games or really anything, my PC will restart by itself. I don't know why this is happening and its been going on since I built the PC. I need help ASAP please. Thank you!
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I've edited out your email address as all assistance is to be done on the boards. Also, you should never post it in public as it will get harvested by spammers.
You need to be a LOT more precise when you list parts. There are at least four different msi B450M boards. In addition, there are a LOT of 750W pw supplies.
Post exact brand and model# for each of your parts.
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