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My PC won't boot from USB

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I tried to fix it with program, but I couldn't because it's booting in EFI. Could anyone instruct me how to turn that off? I tried with command prompt, but it made no changes. Help!
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You'll have to change it in the BIOS.
There's no such a setting. I've tried many things already
Which setting do you have for Booting? is there a "LEGACY" option? You need to select that if there is. Disable secure boot if enabled.
What OS are you trying to boot from the USB? And how was it prepared?
The setting would be either UEFI or Legacy.

You have not provided any information about your computer, specifically the motherboard. The model number can help us identify what you have.
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You do understand that changing the bios type ie uefi to legacy or the other way around results in a no boot into windows. Most motherboard mfg have a quick or fast boot menu so you do not have to change anything in the bios [other than turn OFF fast boot IF it is enabled]
Since you have not provided any info on your system, it is basically impossible to help you.
I tried to fix it with program
What program did you use to try and fix this?
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