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My laptop has quit recognizing my cd drive...

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There is no trace of it's existence on my computer at all. It's not under My Computer, it's not an option when I go to Start -> Run, when I insert a cd there are no prompts. It has just completely disappeared. Do you think this is something I might be able to fix on my own? I would really appreciate any help at all...
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Fix for missing DVD/CD drives.

Create a text file with NOTEPAD containing the following data exactly as below and name it FIXCD.REG
You should have 3 boxes on the bottom in NOTEPAD.
1)Filename : fixcd.reg
2)Save as type: all files
3)Encoding: ANSI
If you do not change it from txt type to All files type, then the file will actually be fixcd.reg.txt, this won't accomplish the desired result

Double click on the file and say yes to the merge into registry question.

----------------------- Use text after this line, contents of FIXCD.REG -----------------------------





------------------------------ Use text before this line --------------------------------
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Check in Device Manager, does it appear there? If so, does it have any error code associated with it?

If it appears with no error code, right click it and select Uninstall, reboot and let it be discovered again.

If it has an error code, please tell us what the error code is.
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