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My hard drive is nearly full!

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My 70GB hard drive is nearly filled to capacity and I was wondering what my options are.

I'm not really an expert so you'll have to help me. Deleting files is not an option, I was thinking about an external hard drive, but I don't know if I can configure them to work in conjuction with my existing hard drive. Can I?

Any other suggestions, advice and knowledge would be appreciated.

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What kind of files are filling up your current hard drive? Is it programs? Or do you keep music or video files on it?
Is your computer a laptop or a desktop?
If you have a desktop, you can probably add another internal drive for data. If it's a laptop, you'd either have to replace the existing drive or add an external drive for data.
Hard drive space is not the same as memory.

You can either buy a new, larger hard drive and clone (make a copy of everything) to the new drive. Or you can add another larger drive and use it to store large data files such as movies and music. Since you have a desktop, I don't recommend an external drive unless you have no free internal connections.
dmullen, the poster (AdmiralZ) isn't looking for a backup solution. They're looking to resolve a low drive space issue. An external drive is good for backup, but if it's going to be used as a primary storage device, then another backup method still needs to be implemented.
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