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My external usb drive is encypted and it freezes

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Hello technicians, I am in distress.

I have my research thesis in my external 3TB western digital hard drive.

The drive is just 5 months old. Yesterday after I resumed my PC (Win7) from hibernation, I couldn't unlock my external USB mass storage hard disk drive. As I entered the correct password, the cursor went busy, and after that the bit locker window freezed and it showed not responding.

Since I tried safe mode, it shows the disk is not accessible, may be due to its encryption, or something else.

In clean boot, the problem persists.

In another desktop also the problem is same. As I enter the password, the window hangs and shows not responding.

On entering recovery key, the window shows again "not responding" and hangs.
Event viewer shows, bad blocks.
How can I start chkdsk on an encrypted drive, that cannot be unlocked through correct password.

I am using windows 7 on Dell latitude with 8GB DDR3 RAM.

The drive was fully encrypted and was running all brilliant before this event suddenly happened.

Kindly tell me, how can I fix this issue.
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Are you able to check the encryption status of the drive? In command prompt, type manage-bde -status

If you can get the status, I would suggest turning off the encryption so that way if needed you can get your files off the drive. The command for that (should be in Command Prompt Administrator mode) is manage-bde -off (driveletter) (driveletter being like D: ).

You may need to unlock it first, which is manage-bde -unlock (driveletter) -password

This will prompt you for the password.


If it hangs on that while it's checking your external drive, then I would suggest contacting Western Digital to see what they say on how to check the drive with the encryption on.

As a side note, I would suggest using your desktop (computer) to be your working space, and make a second save to a different location like your external, that way you have 2 copies of your files. If you have the ability to, I would also recommend using an online storage like OneDrive, DropBox, etc so in the event you have a computer crash (or external drive) then your files can be recovered from the online storage.
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Is it possible for you to remove the drive from the caddy and install it as an internal drive in a desktop?
Then follow James' steps for manual decryption.
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