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this is my 1st time posting here
I was referred here from some other forum, heard good stuff about this place

so I was wondering if ANYONE can help me or know what's my problem

OK my problem is that my DSL connection disconnects every 5-10 minutes, the time varies WILDLY on the times it stays on & the time it keeps disconcerting me

some basic info:

-I have Windows XP
-I tried taking out the phone line so it wasn't getting any extra interferance
-my DSL is from ISPWest & the modem is Zoom ADSL X3
-I do NOT have a router & connecting the modem directly to my computer
-I called & the company & the network was not down
-I tired using different browsers (firefox, IE, Mozilla)
-when I turned it off & switched to my 56k AOL connection, it never happens
-I checked for spyware & for Viruses
-I ALSO used my DSL Modem on my videogame system, Xbox & the connection problems were the same, online for few minutes & then disconnects, then connects for a while & then disconnects

so the first few weeks the DSL was normal
& all of a sudden I get disconnected, a message said "operation timed out/site could not be found"

it would not connect to any link & then all of a sudden 5 minutes later it connected with no warning
it kept on doing this non-stop
I tired restarting my computer, restarting my DSL modem etc etc didn't work

THE NEXT day I tried again & this time the connection worked fine for 4 hours
& then it repeated again, reconnecting me for a while longer, & like 15 minutes later it would wok only to be disconnected 30 minutes later & repeated the 5 minute cycle

WHEN I called my DSL provider they told me this:
go to Start < Control Panel < Internet Connections < Internet Options < Settings & delete all the cookies & folders here

& that's it, they said the connect problem might be because of a bad cookie, it DID NOT WORK!!!!!
the guy on the phone line didn't really seem to know what the problem was at all

can ANYONE help, or give me any info on where to get some info
thanks in advance

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oh yeah I just recently updated the Microsoft Updates & got the new service Pack 2 thing that give me the Security Center in Control Panel with the firewall options & all

I made sure the exceptions list was check for my connections & everything else

I did hear from other ppl that the Service Pack 2 could be the cause of the troubles?

is this problem widespread? I heard ppl who get d/c a lot as well

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I almost tossed my monitor - threw a royal fit in fact over it's "demise" - then calmed down and figured out that one of the plugs on my UPS power supply is apparently not working. Only figured it out because I took the monitor and plugged it into another outlet one more time before dumping it.

I was fooled cause the rest of the computer is all plugged into the thing and it all works.

Just something to check.... I take it the company hasn't offered to replace the modem? Of course it could never never never be faulty hardware! Not theirs - o no. sigh

Do you know anyone with the same equipment that you might could try swapping out modems to see if it's the modem that's faulty? Or the cable? Or will they let you bring in the modem and cable to test it in their office?
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