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My CPU temps are at 98-100c is this bad

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I was talking to someone on here about it and I would like for others to confirm this is my issue or explain to me how to figure out what is the problem in my pc

those are my current temps now while browsing
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I see you have a Digital Storm Lumos. Are you the original buyer? Don't they come with lifetime support? Maybe you should try contacting them first.
Here is a link to the support page for your motherboard;
Support page
The monitoring software is called msi center. I never use msi boards so I am not familiar with the program. Most (if not all) of the board mfg's programs are also overclocking programs. Do not make any changes; just use the monitor part of the program.

If you do in fact still have a warranty, then the very first thing to do is contact the builder. If you start messing with things, you can void that warranty.
Scroll back and you will see that the OP is going to contact Digital Storm because they have lifetime support for his computer.
1 - 3 of 9 Posts