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my computer's gone ding-dong

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My computer has developed an irritating dinging sound for the past two days. It is the MS ding wav sound. It must be trying to alert me to something or wants me to do something. Problem is that I don't know what it wants.:confused: I have looked in "sounds" for an help there. It is the same "ding" as for "low battery alarm". I don't think that's the problem because the computer is only 6 mos. old. The best hint that I can give is that it only happens when I'm on the Internet.
Any thoughts or tips out there ?? other than shutting off my speakers that is.

AMD athlon 1200
IE 6
OE 6
Windows 2000 pro
Thank you
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I dont have a clue but will take a shot. Does it do it when you click something? Do a Ctrl+Alt+Del and see what all is listed.
It's probably that tick sound that is associated with an IE event when you press any button. I bet someone associated that event with the DING sound.....LOL I am not sure where it si set, but I will look for it.
Go to start>settings>control panel>sounds>run down the list and click the ones with a speaker icon next to it and then click test. See which ones make the same sound.
Thanks to you both for taking the time to reply. NO.. I am sure it is not that "tick" sound associated with IE. I am familiar with that one. I do not have to click the mouse to hear the ding. It does it with no encouragement from me about every 15 to 30 secs.or so.
I looked in control panel>sounds and found three items that had the same sound as the one in question. They are...
Default Beep
Critical Battery Alarm
Low Battery Alarm
I also did the CTRL+ALT+DEL thing and found 40 "processes" working. Is that alot ?? Sorry I did not copy them all as there were so many and time was short tonight....But I will if you think it will help.
Strange thing though...after all this "ding" sounds tonight at all,for some reason. Go figure..Huh ??
Thanks for listening...Joe
Hi sacoite1,you say when you do the ctrl>alt>del,you have about 40 programs running?thats way to many.Do this Go to start>run>type in msinfo32,click ok.Then when that window opens,go to software enviroment and click on the + sign>click on startup programs>edit>select all>edit>copy,and paste the page back here.
Thanks beach51, just got back. Wow, 40. I wouldnt have that many show up if I checked everything in msconfig.

sacoite1- Im hoping it will have something to do with what beach has you doing.
Hi Beach51 !!.....I was able to find startup programs but no "edit" button from which to copy. So I tried another way. Hope it works and not too messy to read.

Program Command User Name
MediaRing Talk d:\progra~1\mediar~1\mrtalk.exe /m HAMMER-HEAD\Joe Robey
Microsoft Office d:\progra~1\micros~2\office\osa9.exe -b -l All Users
Synchronization Manager mobsync.exe /logon All Users
AdaptecDirectCD "d:\program files\adaptec\easy cd creator 5\directcd\directcd.exe" All Users
UpdReg d:\winnt\updreg.exe All Users
POINTER point32.exe All Users
NPS Event Checker d:\progra~1\navnt\npscheck.exe All Users
NAV DefAlert d:\progra~1\navnt\defalert.exe All Users
Advanced Tools Check d:\progra~1\navnt\advtools\advchk.exe All Users
Norton eMail Protect d:\program files\navnt\poproxy.exe All Users
Register MediaRing Talk d:\program files\mediaring talk\register.exe All Users
Disc Detector d:\creative\sharedll\ctnotify.exe All Users
RemoteCenter d:\program files\creative\sblive2k\remotecenter\rc\rcman.exe All Users
Creative Launcher d:\program files\creative\sblive2k\launcher\ctlauncher.exe All Users
AudioHQ d:\program files\creative\sblive2k\audiohq\ahqtb.exe All Users
NewsUpd d:\program files\creative\news\newsupd.exe /q All Users
NoPops d:\program files\nopops\nopops.exe All Users
Pop-Up Stopper "d:\progra~1\panicw~1\pop-up~1\dpps2.exe" All Users
CreateCD50 d:\progra~1\common~1\adapte~1\createcd\create~1.exe -r All Users

Good !! It worked. Is this what you needed??.........Joe
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Does your mouse freeze when it dings? That happens to me, it's like the mouse is disconected for about 2 seconds. When it does this it goes "ding" when the mouse freezes and "dong" when it works again.
Hi Joe,You have a program called Newsupd.This is spyware.You can read about it here

You might also want to get Ad-aware5.6.This is a free program that scans your computer for spyware components.Download the program,and run it to see if you have anymore spyware on your system.

Let us know what it finds.
Ratfood...mouse freez-up does not happen.....I just hear that "ding" sound.

beach 51...Spyware huh ?? ...Well ain't that just dandy !! :mad:
Thank you Mr. Soundblaster Live...and I actually had to pay for this spyware??....GEEEZ !!
Thanks for the tip-off, beach 51. No time to work on download this to get to work. I'll work on it this afternoon.

Will Ad-aware be able to get rid of this spyware for me??
RE. startup you think that the amount of them is a problem??. I've had absolutely no problems with this computer other than that lousey "ding" noise; which,by the way, has not re-appeared for two days. Thanks for your help...Joe
Hi Joe,yes Ad-aware will remove the spyware.It wont remove some of the real nasty ones like newdotnet,webhancer,but i dont see them in your startup so i think your safe to delete everything the program finds.Should it find one called web3000 dont delete that,post back here for removeal instructions.Also check add and remove programs in the control panel for anything that looks strange.

Lets us know how you make out.
Joe ,one more thing and am off to work,Go to start>run>type in msconfig,click ok.Click on startup tab,uncheck mediaring talk and also microsoft office(which is a resourse hog)Am thinking mediaring is the culprit,after you uncheck them click ok and re-boot.
Hi beach51 !! Thanks for your suggestions and help. I'll post back here and let you know how I made out.

See ya.....Joe
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