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musicmatch alternative

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The free download of Musicmatch does exactly what I need, but it must be upgraded after so many burns.

Is there another free program that will do bascially the same things? Mainly need something to convert mp3's to WAV and to copy CD's.

I know Winamp will convert mp3's, but I don't think it'll do a CD copy.... Any ideas?

Thanks in advance....

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I don't know of any free program that can do as much as musicmatch. I purchased musicmatch after using the free download. I couldn't be happier. I also have Easy CD Creator but use musicmatch most of the time. The applications within musicmatch are the best. I really like the library files and the idea of printing all of your music in one process. Consider buying the full version and upgrade to v7.5. Thanks and good luck.
The RealONE player will convert and burn mp3's...I'm not sure about CD copying.
both are freeware, damn can i remember anything else so i dont have to post again:D
just use nero burning rom

it's free if you want it to be. of course musicmatch can be also.(just leave it at that)

However, if you want legit free, I use Exact Audio Copy to ripped CDs.

I user Lame3.93.1 with the RazorLame front end for encoding mp3s. You can also use Lame with EAC if you want.

.razorlame Lame

I use mp3 decoder 1.71 from HPL software (mp3-wav)

you can get it from

And Exact Audio Copy will burn CDs also.

EAC is the best ripper out there.

So I would use EAC.

I also use mp3 tage tools 1.2 to make taggin easy
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